The M3 Model – The Easiest Way To Pick-up

The M3 Model offers a detailed examination of the INITIAL ENGAGEMENT phase in any male-female interaction. This refers to the time leading up to a full-blown romantic relationship, whether it’s a casual arrangement or a committed relationship.

It’s widely believed that from the moment of first meeting a woman to the point of establishing a romantic connection (for adults, this often means intimacy, while for younger individuals it might mean a simple kiss. For those in between, it varies based on age and experience), completing all 9 steps should ideally take between 7-11 hours of direct interaction with the woman, assuming all goes well.

This doesn’t need to be continuous; it could be spread out over various interactions. However, the key takeaway is that establishing a connection shouldn’t require an extended period of months.

Instead, if a connection is to be made, it usually happens within the initial few meetings. A more detailed breakdown of each phase will be provided subsequently.

The attraction phase is divided into :

  • A1 – Approach
  • A2 – Attracting the HB or Female-to-male Interest
  • A3 – Male-to-Female Interest

The comfort phase is divided into :

  • C1 – Building rapport
  • C2 – Building emotional connection and physical connection
  • C3 – Intimacy

The seduction phase is divided into :

  • S1 – Foreplay
  • S2 – LMR
  • S3 – Sex

Step1: Approach

How to Pick Up Girls Street

This is the first part of the courtship process. If you are seducing an HB, you must focus on creating mutual attraction at first.

A1: Opening

The goals of the A1 phase are to approach a group and use the opener to start a conversation with the set. Here are a few rules in this phase:

  • Peacocking: Peacocking is the use of flashy or outlandish clothing to attract women.
  • The 3-second rule: You must immediately approach the target or in a set within 3 seconds when entering the venue.
  • Neg: an ambiguous statement or seemingly accidental insult wrapped in the package of a complement, with the intent of actively demonstrating the hot babe’s lack of interest in her.
  • Opener or opinion opener: Materials used to start a conversation.
  • False Time Constraint: “I can only stay for a minute.”
  • Body Language: Using Body rocking to create the impression that you are about to leave.

A2: Female-to-Male Interest

  • DHV (Demonstrate High Value): Demonstrate one’s unique qualities and attributes, often using methods like gimmicks, magic tricks, psychic routines, and humor to stand out and be perceived as valuable or interesting to others.
  • Storytelling: The art of sharing engaging stories about oneself or other subjects, which can captivate listeners, build rapport, and reveal personal characteristics.
  • AMOGing: This tactic involves asserting dominance or superiority over other potential rivals, often in a social setting, to appear as the most attractive or dominant figure.
  • Coky&Funny: A combination of confidence (cockiness) and humor. It’s about striking a balance between being self-assured and entertaining to create attraction.
  • Push-and-Pull: A flirting technique where one alternates between showing interest (pull) and distancing oneself (push) to create tension and intrigue.

A3: Male-to-Female Interest

In this phase, The hot babe must be baited into demonstrating her own value. In this way, you’re just attracted to her by her personality or charm, other than her looks.

You must have her earn your interest and be interested in something besides her looks. Here are some routines

  • Hoop Theory: A concept suggesting that setting challenges or “hoops” for someone to jump through can increase attraction, as it makes one seem more valuable and elusive.
  • Bait – Hook – Reel – Release: A structured approach to attraction where one first piques interest (bait), secures attention (hook), deepens the connection (reel) and then creates a moment of separation or unpredictability (release) to maintain intrigue.
  • Qualify Her:
      • Why qualify?: Qualification is the act of assessing if someone meets one’s standards or criteria, thereby making them invest in the interaction and seek validation.
    • Some Qualifying Routines: Specific tactics or questions used to assess if someone aligns with one’s preferences or values.
    • Communicating that you are Qualifying them: Making it explicit to the person that they are being evaluated or assessed, often to create a dynamic where they seek one’s approval.
  • Having Standards: The idea that one should have clear criteria or benchmarks for what they seek in a partner, emphasizing self-worth and preventing settling for less than what one desires or deserves.

Step 2: Comfort

The ultimate goal of comfort is for both of you can relax together, sharing intimacies without worrying. Before you build comfort, isolate the target from her friends, whether physically or verbally.

You can suggest introducing her to a friend over there.

C1 – Building Rapport

In the C1 phase of the Mystery Method M3 Model, you should focus on creating a sense of rapport with each other. According to the pickup artists, “the game is played in rapport.”

C2 – building an emotional and physical connection

In this step, you must create an emotional connection with the target at first. Here are some routines to create an emotional connection:

And then you can escalate to physical connection. Here are some routines:

  • Evolution Phase Shift Routine
  • Kino-tests

C3- Intimacy

Intimate Couple

The C3 location is at a sex location. So the kissing turns into heavy making-out etc, and you guys are alone, it’s time to choose the game.

Step3: Seduction

S1 – Foreplay

Make sure you have built enough comfort before you get the HB into a sex location. And then, Okay, so do your things

S2 – LMR

LMR stands for Last Minute Resistance. Once you have it, she may say “We should stop …” or “We better be careful about where this is going”. Some general tactics for LMR have always been:

  • Using Freeze-Out to Overcome LMR
  • Busting Last Minute Resistance using Style’s famous story
  • Ignore it and keep going. (-you’re right, we should stop)

S3 – Sex

couple sex

Reaching the S3 phase signifies the culmination of the courtship process. It’s essential to remember that mutual consent and comfort are paramount. Both parties should feel at ease and connected, ensuring that the experience is enjoyable and memorable for both.

  • Communication: Before proceeding, it’s crucial to communicate openly about boundaries, desires, and any concerns. This ensures that both parties are on the same page and can lead to a more fulfilling experience.
  • Safety First: Always prioritize safety. Ensure that both parties are aware of and agree upon safe practices. This not only pertains to physical safety but also emotional well-being.
  • Aftercare: Post-intimacy, it’s essential to check in with each other. This can involve cuddling, talking, or simply spending quiet moments together. It helps solidify the bond and ensures both parties feel valued and cared for.

Building on the Connection

After the seduction phase, it’s essential to understand that the journey doesn’t end. Building and maintaining a strong connection, whether it’s a casual arrangement or a committed relationship, requires continuous effort.

  1. Open Dialogue: Keep the lines of communication open. Discuss your experiences, what you enjoyed, what you’d like more of, and any concerns or boundaries.
  2. Continuous Learning: Every experience is an opportunity to learn more about each other’s desires, boundaries, and preferences. Be open to feedback and be willing to adapt.
  3. Respect and Understanding: Always prioritize mutual respect. Understand that feelings and boundaries can evolve, and it’s essential to be attuned to any changes.


Who developed the M3 Model?

The M3 Model was developed by pickup artists to provide a systematic approach to courtship.

Is the M3 Model applicable to all age groups?

While the model is designed with a general approach, the interpretation of certain steps may vary based on age and cultural contexts.

How important is the “Comfort” phase in the M3 Model?

The “Comfort” phase is crucial as it establishes trust and rapport, which are essential for any deeper connection or intimacy.

What is “Peacocking” in the context of the M3 Model?

“Peacocking” refers to the act of wearing flashy or unique clothing or accessories to stand out and attract attention.

What should one do if they face resistance during the “Seduction” phase?

It’s essential to prioritize mutual consent and comfort. If resistance is encountered, it’s crucial to communicate, understand boundaries, and ensure both parties are comfortable proceeding.

Is the M3 Model only applicable to heterosexual interactions?

While the M3 Model was initially designed with heterosexual interactions in mind, many of its principles can be adapted and applied to various types of relationships and orientations.

Final Words

The M3 Model provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the nuances of male-female interactions. Breaking down the courtship process into distinct phases offers insights into building genuine connections based on mutual respect and understanding.

While it’s essential to adapt the model to individual situations, its core principles remain universally relevant. For more similar content, subscribe to our blog.