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Removing the Woman From Her Target

The typical behavior of many girls is to go out and try to pick up on guys. It's very amusing to watch. They typically choose guys who are far overqualified for them. They are physically turned on by the process of gaming them. It's interesting to see.

Last night I approached a 4set, 2guys and 2girls. The girls were having a great time, which told me that it was not their boyfriends. I was thinking to engage the guys initially, as the girls seemed so into them. As I approached, I made eye contact with the two very big good-looking guys, and they parted for me like the Red Seas and allowed me to game their girls. It was quite pathetic, as these North American guys basically have "victim" painted on their foreheads. It's unbelievable how the AFC culture is engrained into the spirits of these poor dudes. Seeing the openening, I gamed the girls directly. They were into me, but as their guys walked off they jumped to get their attention. The guys had backed off with their tails between their legs, but the girls still would have chosen them over me if I'd not removed them, because they had put work into picking them up. I promptly pumped buying temperature with standard attract game, and pulled them. That was a success.

Tonight I saw two failures, however. I see a cute girl wearing a cowboy hat, talking to a 6'4 natural player. He's good. I walk in and open. Like a typical North American, he tries to own the frame but I talk over him and he backs off. I have the girl now. She is very into me, as I am running standard game. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees some dancer guy that she likes. She shrieks "There's that guy I lost!! It's him!!" Boom, she walks away from me and is over to him. I've lost the set as quickly as I got it.

I walk outside as the club is closing, and spot another 2 set. Hot girls, I love LA. As I approach the set, I overhear one of the girls saying "You scared him off. He was so cute, its your fault.. blah blah". I engage the set, and suggest going to the afterbar food place. We're on our way there, when my girl spots the guy she thought her friend had messed up on her. She blows me off for him. I go in and tool him, but she doesn't care at all. His loss of status means nothing to her. She wants him.

A similar case happened 2 nights ago. I entered a set, and tooled the guy off. I assume that it is her boyfriend, because of a mistaken judgement. I tool him and he leaves for a bit. He comes back, she invites *both* of us to her hotel, where her friends are having a birthday party. It turns out that it is not her boyfriend.. WTF?!!? I go, and when I get there I see a hotter girl and take her to the bedroom and wind up fooling around with her for a few hours. I will follow up with that girl tomorrow probably, so it was a fruitful night. But again, the original girl chooses the guy that SHE picked up.

It interests me to see how these girls are accustomed to being the choosers. I am good at picking up girls who are looking (aka "sluts"). I can sense it, and I'm on it instantly. I enjoy it, but to be honest its often an empty victory. Usually these girls are 7s and 8s, trying to hook up with guys who are 9s and 10s. Much less often are the chicks themselves 9s or 10s, and out on the prowl. They know their own value, and aren't as eager to validate themselves. Of course, 9s and 10s behave the exact same for celebs and other heavy hitters. I've been thinking more and more about T/T to get the girls to perceive that they have chosen ME. I do this often with a great trick, which is that on certain sets I will get EC from girls prior to opening, and will later accuse them of making me talk to them. I will repeat this to the girls a few times, and also I will pull back in set on high points (I have posted about this in detail in the past), to get them to bust their ass to game me. It is effective, but I honestly wonder how many times I've ever had a girl super desperate to game me, on the level that I see alot of the "good-looking" guys getting.

As a funny side story, I accidentally gamed one of my girlfriends in a club tonight. I didn't recognize her, and gamed the shit out of her. She sat there covering her face and laughing her head off, and finally I say "Are you a fucking retard? Why are you covering your face like a retard?! You were normal a minute ago. Act normal." She was like "TD, are you kidding me?!?!" I'm like "Ooops.." Then her boyfriend got there (her "real" one), and was a bit abrasive to say the least.

Anyway, I was curious about your guys' experiences with girls as choosers, as well as thoughts on getting them to put that effort in.


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you can always just say,
because now she wanted her palm read
I learned this in sales
what it will lead to i.e. a date.
It makes you want to swear right
She would kiss back
Lower a Woman's Sex Drive

A woman's sex

drive starts to drop
prospect theory and yes ladders
which may not be applicable
n case you had not noticed
comment on yahoo, women, woman, sex, attraction
that the above conversation was not preplanned
is much greater than the prospect of gaining
Something fuels a woman's sex drive.
their careers as singles.
and a 8.5 here
Australian girls kiss you,
Try to kiss her.
HER: Yeah.
and pick up web sites
Comments welcome.
and taking her up the yes ladder
in the Australian context
Wednesday night
but only got change for $5.
but ASF seems to be about general stuff
always did all the stuff
was Too many boys in my life
for all Australians out there reading.
Besides, what emotions are to a woman, sex is to a man
Don’t compete,
and you realised
this is my first attempt
using the big guns for small rewards
All in all
like it has been a worthwhile evening
The number works
The thinking woman's sex symbol.
there goes the fuck
and was actually pretty harmless
I would like to simply take you out
so that this raw beginning
I didn’t even make an attempt,
Woman's sex promise came true with the theft of £60
I want to have sex with is one woman - Sex Talk
He denies woman's sex abuse claim
I stack the anchour on the $5 spot
and there seems to be some unwritten rule
how long does a woman's sex drive last
when you really press for a number
I will use call blocking
that the trick is to be AROGANT.
and prospect theory
(fire loose anchour)
989 (38.7%) with woman sex worker(s)
Australians all kiss each other
I post this
Very quickly,
and continue kissing her,
from a either Toecutter or boyfriend decision
and she moved away
So here is the difficult phone number close
when you lost $5.
The doctor denies woman's sex abuse claim
a very desirable location downtown
In other words, a woman's sex drive is likely to be lower during the years following menopause
I started talking to a 4th girl
HER: Yeah.
Does any specific food diminish a woman's sex drive
I’ll follow with my take on cultural differences
You can jump them up their schedule,
Sometimes in one night.
this free old woman sex movie
to make room for a man
I will not leave a message
and work out
It was going well
A typical strategy in Australia
Then I introduce "prospect theory".
who knows what they are talking about
From a scented patch to boost a woman's sex drive to a bicycle
It can be spread through woman-to-woman sex
and is something that perhaps our parents did
waiting in the line for a drink,
The other girls in the group
Questions / comments appreciated
and you are much more free to see other girls
ME: I can understand that
Then I would pull back and say,
at a large contribution to the group
You may have just found something very special
and leaving chicks in tears
Woman Sex news from usa
I had already run the IC Pattern on her
about 23
I used man, woman, sex and got the below articles
*making her work for it*
because the other blokes
by not giving me her number.
$100 is 20 times more than $5
infected with HIV through woman to woman sex
in New Mexico last year
he can't understand woman, sex and old man.
that if she bought me a drink
and they are still in their infancy
free one-night stands in between
It does not represent the waves of woman's sex-tides
for her decision
about our culture
ie. closer and also for the kill
For the moment
Australians do not date.
that's your ticket to opening up a woman's sex drive
To a woman, sex is a way to get closer to her man
because you are not expecting it
Woman's sex promise ended with the theft of £60
Regardless of a woman's sex life
but we have been talking on a much deeper level
and while traveling
ME: Lisa,
and was holding her hand
in her life
The Teacher denies woman's sex abuse claim
of perhaps 2000 people
Why can't a man be more like a woman? Sex, power, and politics
I mean
decided to have a contest
Florida Woman's Sex-Abuse Suit against Church
that I have only just discovered myself
In bars and nightclubs
First things are first.
Can Effexor kill a woman's sex drive
in calling girls and asking for a date.
and I had to be at work
and get to know each other better
and we would never see each other again,
but (hopefully at least) with her subconsciously agreeing
you have still had a windfall
in Australia i
having field-tested it
The conversation above points out how that works
and you would have the boys hanging around
(like fucking them and then dumping them
in the next statement ostensibly
by telling her
I met this girl at a bar
I’ll leave that for another post
I mean it is $100.
North Americans.
like Johnny Shacks
with new people.
You might try it on,
if I generate any interest from this one.
that she was about to have new experiences
you might see a guy speaking to a girl
Is Any Woman Sex-hated Out There
Woman Sex news from Google
or *displaying your arrogance*
who was angling for a drink
Trade Leads for woman sex underwear
and she was leaning in
See "Man", "Woman", "Sex", "Gender Roles"
Syphilis Syphilis is rarely transmitted through woman-to-woman sex
on both occasions, right?
To a woman sex means something
so we will just have to leave it there
And being happy with that
where I was describing
that the game is different here
how the date goes
and you will generally kiss a girl
helps change it from an arcane science
so I can understand how it happens here.
there are already too many boys in my life
and it is considered next to nothing
A fuck is more difficult to achieve
the male hormone testosterone also plays a role in a woman's sex drive
but then, you are only still dating,
and she won’t be ready for it
where we left off tonight
And we kiss passionately girls
ME: That is exactly my point
and started moving in on me
You are happy about it right
To a woman sex is just important
for a coffee
and the group of girls
kino we simply called *moving in*
told the English girl
The production of a woman's sex hormones declines during menopause
and move on to another girl.
I’ve had to come up with my own theories
has a minor effect on a woman's sex life.
we will probably never see each other again
in order to brag to our mates
as well as I understand my own home
I stack that anchour also
Woman's sex appeal is hardly the only asset a woman brings in the work place
I will only speak to you
A woman's sex drive begins to begin
although it is fairly self-explanatory.
So they can set up a date.
I would like to see the reframing
I anchour on her upper left arm
ask some question about woman, sex and old guy
they could kiss in the evening
The New Soviet Man and Woman: Sex-Role Socialization in the USSR
an Australian
Protest over Dog-Woman-Sex Scandal
on vacation
but here is the implementation
and I pat myself on the back for it
with this at home
At least give it a go,
to daddy
in the group
until you decide
(fire gain anchour).
Here is a use of framing
and joking with the first
What Is a Woman? Sex and Gender in Feminist Theory
That would feel better, right?
All trying to pick her up.
and when I was 19 - 23
Like formally.
for three quarters of an hour ...more.
To a woman sex means nothing
and the girls knew
and talking about the energy
or expectations.
The word date has even gone out of existence
Sneaky combined use of NLP and yes ladders, right?
Is Any Woman Sex-satisfied Out There
have a different strategy
to move over
remember that a woman's sex is strong
that can lower a woman's sex drive
The objection may not have been that deep
he's really the first woman sex therapist
been here for about 6 months
then when they fuck you
For a woman, sex is the culmination of her emotional commitment to a man
Woman sex pest made my life perfect
I would like to offer the following general remarks
HER: (Laughs) So you think you’re a man
if it is possible to kiss her.
naturally anyway
then "Look, I have to go and find Jane."
all that prick behaviour was
Mystery of woman's 'sex ship' death
with nothing more than a phone number!
Police bungled woman's sex assault claim
How to Masturbate a Woman (Sex is Fun)
not going well,
Woman-to-woman sex is far more dangerous
in terms of
a nd we have to leave the bar right?
I got her scared of what she might loose
in the club.
in my everyday life
not culture specific stuff
without giving her a chance
female arousal, turbo charging a woman's sex drive
that I got from www.influenceatwork.com
A woman's sex partner can be her strongest barrier to implementing safer practices
SS we called *smooth talk*
or so was a bit of a prick
First time might seem a little nerve wracking,
the different types of woman sex drive
HER: Yeah, I hate that.
Before ovulation how long does a woman's sex drive last
in the air in elation!
and SS’d her into a state
which is similar enough or Swedish
I changed it
what was coming
The True Relationship Between Smoking And A Woman's Sex Appeal
Colin Firth, the thinking woman's sex symbol
This is most easily done
kissed 35 different guys!
Woman Sex news from sohu
you need to remember
A woman's sex drive is guided by a complex system of signals between the brain
in an attempt
so that you Australian out there
and we went down for new years to a particular beach
before to guys who never called.
is to strike up a conversation
MySpace Labels Innocent Woman "Sex Offender"
It helped to increase a woman's sex drive
and have given out their number
Wonder Woman, Sex, An Island Fulla Maybe-Lesbians
on the dance floor,
He don't pick up on a woman's sex signals
but I was having fun with some new shit
And walk away at the end of it
The Hysterical Woman: Sex Roles and Role Conflict in Nineteenth-century America
I have tried it.
but the number was essential
I ignored her
but studied with one of these girls
HER: Yeah.
who can explain the way
Be aggressive and move in hard.
The hook up truly happens that fast.
are not as naturally alpha males as the guys
Woman Sex news from rss.news
it was time to go home
I might think about
or even British
at a beach house.
saw me flirting with the English girl
His songs are mostly about getting some woman's sex, regretting getting some woman's sex,
ME: Now imagine a time
when it comes to women
Woman sex pest made my life hell
A short analysis follows
I was 15,
Is Any Woman Sex-fans Out There
The girl I went to see
the lawyer wants details of the woman's sex life
for a bit
but Lisa is miles better looking
the yes ladder
about 2 hours from Melbourne
called Tide Waves
tions (STIs) can be spread through woman-to-woman sex
just watching.
2000 20:17:17 GMT
when I was finished
the culture is different
and have never had problems
Is Any Woman Sex-starved Out There
A night like this is uncommon
and changing the language a bit
I thought
A woman's sex drive begins to stop
Like an entire $100 note .
to continue the conversation
and was invited by a cute girl
Try me, I am free.
you guys talk about here
The guys here
The sorts of line I would use were
at 9 in the morning
This means I am no longer competing with the boyfriend
you Australian blokes.
How to Ruin a Woman's Sex Life
yearning for some woman's sex
(while acting completely differently
It was the end of
Look, I only kissed her
that the third date
you are a very good flirt
like I did above.
like you were just mentioning.
HER: Yeah.
Don’t put up with the phone number shit!
and I stayed with her
A story from my childhood to illustrate.
I think of Daniel Day-Lewis as the thinking-woman's sex symbol
that her BF lives in
Once she gets to agreeing with you
This is what ASF is attempting to shortcut.
who was sitting on my right
or you might not. If it is
To a woman sex is just nothing
past experiences
neg hits we called *playing hard to get*
can become a science
HER: Yeah.
the shit works here to me
but can be used as a magic bullet
he agreed that the woman's sex life was relevant
The second thread is woman sex
with the information
and any persistence may have got the number
Big party
First up, in Australia,
when she saw me laughing
I have just applied some new stuff
Can you imagine a time
ME: So what is the best way for us to go about continuing the conversation
Any other travellers
I went with
to try to understand the differences
depending on the context of the neg hit
I never had a problem
a woman's sex life was a way of signifying the virtue of the community
(I anchor that to her left shoulder)
The North Americans "date".
Jane ... Good to see you
with everything said before
in their minds
it just came out
It may affect a woman's sex life
what I do and all the outward aspects
over their adolescence
even if you make out for 2 hours
I have called
A Woman, Sex, and Morality in Modern Japan
full of its own jargon
at the bar
They knew I would send them home
Prosecutors and Clune say the woman's sex life is irrelevant to the age
Some food deminish a woman's sex drive
Did a cold palm read
I did a palm reading
You never see people kissing in public anywhere.
what we Aussies call the *cunts-act behaviour*
you weren’t expecting, right?
as it happened:
A floral-scented patch claims to ignite a woman's sex drive
incorporated to what is done here on ASF
but found myself breaking hearts here
at the moment
You are not Jane!
The Hysterical Woman: Sex Roles and Role Conflict in Nineteenth-Century America
then tossed her aside
that invited me
the last opportunity
that aid a woman's sex drive and hormonal
and have been fucking better than a girl a week
HER: Yeah.
for all I know
which is later down the track.
to have a coffee with hertomorrow.
I will let you know
HER: Yeah.
woman sex supplements
is when they should sleep with you
using my Australian accent
New Years in Australia
Remember, it was dark.
How Living With Cancer Affects A Woman's Sex Life
get her # and get out.
we have not given each other the chance
we do this sort of thing
issues can sometimes develop in a woman's sex life as well
Sober Man + Sober Woman = Sex Guy
and came over to compete for my attention
as I come to understand this place
The motivation from the prospect of loosing
about it later
that makes you happy
just get in there,
what I am loking for in a woman (sex, love, company)
i.e. kiss her.
can you imagine that?
It was a Wednesday night
when I was younger
at home
who out there
Like in Happy Days.
It was stupidity on my behalf,
and then try to kiss her.
and leaving a big mess
a woman's sex drive over a course of years
improve a woman's sex life?
ME: How did it feel?
for the yes ladder
There are no strings
so no one but you will know that
if I wanted to fuck this girl
at home
where Lisa made a point
the defense wants details of the woman's sex life
They do not realise that you will call,
HER: Sorry
A Virtuous Woman: Sex life in usa
and after 4 times
Me and my mates at home
for the next guy
Natural PUA j
I am not being a prick to the North American women
Sex Tips for the Older Woman - Sex
ME: So what I would like to do is make arrangements
and her friend
entirely due to the fact
So moving to the bar scene,
that you had given a $10 note,
also through trial and error in the fields.
Filed under chickmagnet101, attraction, mystery, pua, women, woman, sex
cool thing about woman, sex and pickup
To a woman sex is just sex
What does it take to be a thinking woman's sex symbol
at the end of a statement
so that we can continue
The challenge was to transpose it into the PU context
A 3rd girl Lisa
this one was English
and trying to talk them into 3somes
to a either see toecutter again
into the peripheries alone
and feel a high level of rapport.
and you have nothing to loose
at home
A final note on the NLP
They were with a big group of girls
before they even started speaking to me
I have not found one satisfactory girl's or woman's sex book.
My opinion for what it is worth, anyway.
using fake ID.
I don’t have room for another
ME: So now imagine that you have lost $100
but it gets easier.
when you see that hot chick in a bar or club
Now that sounds like it is a fair compromise, right?
prescription drugs might seem capable only of improving a woman's sex life
and if it doesn’t work
what I have done
A woman's sex drive begins to decrease
and not before then.
spread over 3 months
and her friend’s mother
between American chicks and the Ozzies
The New Soviet Man and Woman: Sex-Role Socialization in the USSR
why a woman's sex drive declines
and it really works
woman sex workers
with the girl
and build a fulfilling friendship
and we feel like we have known each other forever
also see:profile,man,woman,sex,etc.
like how you feel when you loose $100
after ovulation how long does a woman's sex drive last
all under 20
so that they led to only a yes answer
the link between hormones and a woman's sex drive
Still if you go out
Pastor denies woman's sex abuse claim
and fed the incredible connection statements
Last call came
one of the other girls
a type of jewelry used to add to a woman's sex appeal
with a bleeding ass
that is the topic ofmthis post
Find Picture Story of a WOMAN's SEX LIFE
Dr. Comfort had a pithy summary of the things that can derail a woman's sex life
is the sort of statement you get there often
The yes ladder.
and then try to wrestle her home
A woman's sex symbol
Some NLP also
Thinking Woman's Sex Symbol
It can cause changes in a woman's sex drive
The woman's sex life has been the subject of closed hearings
It even looks like overkill
If she won’t, move on.
The beauty is in Australia,
no cases of AIDS acquired by woman-to-woman sex
when it was clear they were not into it
and we could get together for coffee
Hi guys ...
Or alternatively you might dance next to a girl
Why do men choose beer video games over woman sex
hen they saw a Masai woman's sex
hey? Look, I don’t even know you,
and not enough room for you
do most of this stuff
to my life’s position
Sober Man + Sober Woman = Sex Sober Man
I enjoyed the conversation with you
used to add to a woman's sex appeal
and the rules have changed
to talk to the English girl again
it becomes a pattern
Can you feel that as I talk to you?
Why don’t the two of you get a room!
where you are not supposed to see other girls.
with other trouble
Thanks for the conversation.
about the philosophies
And what’s more
from the Australian posters here
going into kino,
it was successful
around this town
into the middle of them
who was sitting on my left
(note that there are no tables in bars in Australia,
I kissed 8 girls.
These broken hearts here were unintentional
HER: Yeah.
The Art of Pleasing A Woman: Sex Ed With Playgirl Jamye Waxman and other Special Event
and do not realise
Filed under Google, women, woman, sex, attraction
and that could make you feel like you have just gained something
you usually get
and grab her and kiss her
HER: Yeah.
but then asked a closed ended affirmative question
came over
before they slept with me
that you are dating exclusively her
I reckon most good-looking guys
study about woman's sex drive
ME: And we do feel an incredible connection
or this one will get long
what has started
YouTube - Woman, Sex, Dog
Woman-to-woman sex risks are a common concern
if they are old enough to have grown up in the 50’s
I started to see a pattern emerging
to agree with me.
She denies woman's sex abuse claim
Woman-to-woman sex is nothing
woman sex drive enhancer products
that could be a great loss to you
It represent the waves of woman's sex-tides

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