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Tooling the Shit Out of AMOGs to Attract Girls

I tool the shit out of AMOGs on a nightly basis. I specifically seek out sets that are being gamed on by AMOGs, so I can blow them out of set to build value to the girls. The easiest sets to gain attraction in are the sets where dumb ass adorably toolable AMOGs are trying to game the girls. Or if they come in midway through. Either way.

I do this to huge football players, Italian mobsters in mafia clubs in NYC, cubans gangsters in Miami, big soccer hooligans in London. It doesn't matter. They do nothing other than sit there and get tooled.

Guys making a big deal out of this I have to scratch my head. I've been doing it for over a year, 10 times a night. That's around 3000 times, without a problem. Many guys reading this are friends who have seen me do this in real life countless times.

Some of my internal beliefs that make this possible is that I am more alpha than these guys, and that I am very prepared to back it up if they take it to a physical level. Because I am honestly prepared to do this if it there's no way around it, I am congruent when I look at the guys in the face and don't react. I look at them point blank like Clint Eastwood and say "I come in peace brother. I'm chillin'. I apologize. Have a good night bro." But I do this in a way where the *verbal* channels are saying what they need to hear to appease their egos and make them feel dumb if they escalate, but the *physical* (EC, BL, vocal) channels are screaming "This guy will beat the shit out of me if I don't accept his apology". So the girls see this, and they approach me later in the night and offer their numbers or to go for afterbar food.

Clarification: I go into the sets where the AMOG's are (usually they are not part of the set and trying to pickup the girls, but if they are a part of the set and annoying I'll AMOG them which usually leads to them befriending me because they think its funny), and just run game on the girls. It's not actively rude in any way. If they try to AMOG me, I ignore them and proceed to tool them if they get rude. From there, if they get confrontational, I do as mentioned above. Yes, I've been in many confrontations growing up in Canada, where it is very violent because people are too eager to prove themselves there. I didn't like it, but it was something that was forced on me by the mentalities there.


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