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Tooling the AMOG to Attract Girls

Hey man, don't do anything that shows any bitterness whatsoever. Don't put AMOG down in a nasty way that isn't funny. Treat it like its fun and you enjoy it, and occasionally like he's childish but in a NON bitter way. This stuff is enjoyable and a way for you to gain attraction. When someone tries to tool me, the first thought that goes through my mind is excitement. It's an *opportunity* for me to convey value to the girl. This isn't lipservice or inspirational rhetoric. This is actually what goes through my head.

I remember posting about a guy who walked up to me with his girlfriend and tried to tool me, and the first thought that went through my head was "Wow, it sure is nice of this guy to HAND ME HIS GIRLFRIEND." And that he did - she later found me and gave me her phone number behind her boyfriend's back. He literally handed me his girlfriend by trying to tool me. This dude is literally handing these girls to you on a silver platter, man.

Step up! If you can't yet step up to this then you have a long way to go in your PUA development. That's fine, but just realize it and take steps to get it handled. You NEED to be able to withstand social heat/pressure to be a PUA. Make no doubt of this - its one of the most common threads I've seen in PUAs who don't get the results that they claim. Their wit isn't sharp enough and their ability to withstand social pressure just isn't there. Rick H says "Always have a better answer". That is what he's referring to. Not having a sharper wit is a sign that the social pressure paralyzed your brain from coming up with something. Don't underestimate this last sentence. If you met me in field you'd see what I'm talking about loud and clear. My ability to withstand social pressure is one of my biggest assets in set, and is one of the big secrets of success or whatever. Like the big "Why the average guy gets hot girls" secret that nobody can explain. Treat this like a learning experience. One of the reasons that I often get extremely fast attraction in sets is that I walk up on sets with huge intimidating AMOGs in it, who will blast me with huge amounts of pressure. Or I'll walk up on 10s who will shit test me so hard and my ability to take control of the situation is what builds attraction. Attraction is a SIMPLE process. You walk up and take over the situation. Because I don't show the slightest hint of being effected by social pressure, and I take over the situation, the girls gain instant attraction. It's subconscious, as this is what you experienced when you had a minor success in one upping the dude temporarily. You took a hold of the frame, and the girls became attracted to you. btw, a key aspect to AMOG'ing is vocal projection. **Learn vocal projection**. It is the most common aspect of all successful PUAs.

Give him a label, and then continually show how what he's doing is feeding into the funny/condescending label that you've given him. It has to be funny. If its a mean label in any way, it shows bitterness and therefore betas you. Whatever he does, say "Dude, this stuff is great. Keep going x-label.. Bro, you're all over this shit.. Holy shit guys did you hear that? X-Label is doing his x-thing again!" Even stuff like "Bro, you're like the sun and these girls are your planets. You control the vibe man. Keep controlling it. SUNBOY I SAID KEEP CONTROLLING THE VIBE.." (I'd think of something funnier, but you could try this - find a very funny label). Also, if it is congruent to your personality and given the level of maturity I'd speculate that this group is at, you could consider doing obnoxious shit like bending over in front of him and telling him to stop converting you and that its working. You could do this every time he gets a good jab in on you.

Also, learn how to game girls properly out in the field. Given the info that you have at your disposal, if you can't outdo everyone around you then you need to be in the field more. Don't underestimate the power of the stuff that is posted on this board. It's disgustingly powerful. The level of knowledge that we have over the rest of the poor saps out there is ridiculous. As I've said before, get a 20 set and go practice it in the field 4 days a week. You will get the calibration that you need. It says you live in California in your user info. Join Papa's PLAY List, and get in touch with the guys down here. If you are not meeting up with other PUAs, then you are missing out bigtime.


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