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A Routine to Build Rapport With Girls Immediately

author: David DeAngelo
date: Fri, 04 Jun 2006 04:00:00 GMT
website: www.doubleyourdating.com
subject: Re: Neg Hit/Post-Nice Guy

I would have told the girl, "I don't find you the least bit attractive."

then I would say, "Seriously, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Everytime a girl finds me attractive, its because I’m tall and slender. Girls always want a tall guy by their side and this means I'm always getting girls hitting on me ... and its like they are slobbering on me."

Say that sincerely like you and she have the same problem (after all, she could never tell whether this is true or not because some of the ugliest dudes get all the babes due to personality conveyance) and the connection will build rapport. Then NEG her with a, "You aren’t hitting on me too?!!! Oh MAN!!! See the problems I have? :)"

By David DeAngelo

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 "I'm standing on it."
Right then you would know that here was a man who had tried to shovel
his car out of the mud.
When your car got stuck in the mud, any car trying to tow you out,
would also probably get stuck in the mud. So what you did was to go
find a man with a horse, a big strong horse, one that could tow your
car out of the mud. It was that very chore, finding a tow horse, that
was thrust upon me so many miserable Marches ago.
All week I had been incarcerated in Delmore Blight High School, where,
among other unmentionable atrocities, I was daily exposed to the corpse
of Latin, a language that had been dead so long it was almost
unrecognizable. If Latin hadn't already been dead, I personally would
have been only too happy to kill it. Then the weekend arrived, but a
weekend filled with nothing but unforgiving March. Mud. Rain.
Wind. The whole world seemingly had filled up with icy swirling
mud-brown water. All Saturday morning I stood at the window staring
vacantly out. March stared back, grinning fiendishly.
"Don't just stand there staring vacantly out into space," my mother
scolded. "For heaven's sake, find yourself a hobby!"
"Staring vacantly into space is my hobby." It's always good to get an
early start on your hobbies.
As I stood there staring vacantly into space, my eyes suddenly focused
on a sheriff's car plowing in through the mud of our farm road.
Hastily reviewing my activities of the previous week, I relaxed,
confident that the visit from the law had nothing to do with me.
"Hey, Ma," I yelled. "Guess who's coming in? Deputy Wiley Dipp."
"That miserable little twerp! I wonder what he wants. If you shot off
another sewer-pipe cannon down at the golf course, you're in for it."
"Look, Ma, eyebrows. I'm done fooling with black powder. I like
eyebrows. I like skin."
"That's nice. Now go answer the door."

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