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Style's Archive

Here are some openers and other routines from style's archive.

Jealous Girlfriend Opener

Style: Hey guys, let me get your opinion on something. I'm trying to give my friend over there advice, but we're just a bunch of guys and not qualified to comment on these matters.
Girls: What?

Style's Wheelchair Opener

Style: Hey guys, would you date a guy in a wheelchair?
Girls: "Yes, of course." (Bust on her response.) You're lying... you're pretending to be NICE girls.
If they pause, add "?even if was a really NICE wheelchair?" What if it was a really old wheel chair with a squeaky wheel? You know with bits falling off it. If it was rusty would it come between you both? What if the guy was suddenly cured by Jesus...would you lose interest?

The Cologne Opener

Style: "Hey guys, I want your opinion on something. See, I have two different colognes on my wrists, and I want to see which one you like better."
(Let them smell the cologne. Be cocky and funny, neg the target, etc.)


Fighting girl opener

Eliciting Values

I've successfully used it at the end of attraction phase as I'm shifting into comfort and trust. It allows you to get to know them, captures and leads their imagination, and makes them laugh. Below is the routine quoted from one of Tyler D's posts. ......

Time Constrain

If you need more, I guess you can download style's archive using Emule and other p2p tools. @2006-2007 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Style's Archive