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She won't tell you her shitty issues cause she will want YOU

author: "Mystery"
date: Wed, 02 Dec 2003 05:00:00 GMT
newsgroup: alt.seduction.fast
subject: Re: Any ideas?

>So then I'm thinking OK time to close
>when she starts telling me about just having been with her boyfriend in
>Madrid two weeks previous. So I just chilled out, carried on chatting
>etc but left it at that.

So, think I blew it or that it was never a go or she's still interested despite the boyfriend or what?

I wasn't there so who knows but ... I think you should have closed WAY earlier. You could have said, "I love your skin" and then caressed the back of her neck.

By closing BEFORE the dirty issues, you evoke an emotional connection which will keep her from telling you her shitty issues. If she likes you then those shitty issues will just disappear on their own accord. She won't tell you about them cause she will want YOU.

By Mystery

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 As the lady rolled the window back up, Hank and I dug our fingernails deeper into the rain gutters on the roof of the car and clutched our fishing rods with our armpits. By then we were traveling sufficiently fast that grasshoppers were splattering on our clothes. And still the car seemed to pick up speed. Again the driver rolled down her window and the dogs competed with each other to see which would be first to get a bite of Hank's belly.
“Bad gas pedal!” she shouted out, by way of explaining the speed with which we were hurtling down the road.
“All right! All right!” Hank cried.
She rolled the window back up.
A grasshopper exploded on the left lens of my spectacles. The air was being sucked from my lungs. My fingers were paralyzed, and I wasn't sure how much longer I could hang on. Then the situation took a sharp turn for the worse. A deputy sheriffs car sped by in the opposite direction. Upon seeing us about to break the world's record for fastest ride on running boards, the deputy whipped a bootlegger's turn in the road and came roaring up behind us with red light flashing and siren going. Hank released one hand and pounded on the glass to get the little old lady's attention. When she looked at him, he pointed back at the deputy sheriff. She smiled and nodded and pushed the faulty accelerator pedal to the floor. The deputy stayed right on our rear bumper. Every so often he would try to pass, but the old lady would cut over in front of him and force him to drop back. Then the driver rolled down her window again and grinned up at Hank. “What'd you think of that? Pretty fancy bit of driving for an old lady, huh?”
“All right! All right!” Hank said, as one of the dogs clipped a button off the front of his pants.
“Wait till you see the way I handle my rod!” she yelled, cackling wildly as she rolled the window up. “What'd she say?” I yelled at Hank.
“She said, ”Wait till you see the way I handle my rod!“” Hank screamed back at me over the roof of the car.
“That's what I thought she said. What do you make of it?”
“I think she's going to shoot it out with the bleeping deputy,” Hank screeched.
“I thought that's what you'd make of it,” I yelled back. “She must be some kind of criminal!”
“Yeah, the crazy kind!”
At that instant the old lady whipped the car over to the edge of the road and braked to a stop in a cloud of dust. Hank and I dropped from the running boards, coughing and gasping, and wiped our eyes with our deformed fingers.
The deputy slid to a stop on the opposite side of the road, and both he and the old lady jumped out of their cars and went into gunfighter crouches, the deputy's hand hovering over the butt of his revolver.

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