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Very Solid Night: Pickup Sexy Girls at a Cool Club

I went out tonight for the second weekly PUA-Off with me vs Mystery. Last week we tied because it was a Sunday night and all the sexy girls were 8s at this 18 and older club that was the only thing open. Tonight he claims we also tied, although I thought I won and he thought he won. His explanation is that he brought a sexy girl home (no lay but extremely fucking solid for tomorrow), while my night was much better and I had at least 3 different sexy girls asking to venue change back to the house for Jacuzzi, but stayed at the venue in order to keep going. Still, an extraction is an extraction, and he had one while I passed up on them to stay longer. We'd waited 2 hours by getting there early because it is the most exclusive venue in town, so there was no way I was leaving that club until the last minute possible. I made out with 4 sexy girls, two of which were *HOT*, and the other two of which were pretty cute. Every single set I did was fully on. I was getting opened non-stop, and the bar girls there are starting to wonder "Who the fuck is this guy", which is a good thing for me because they are all 10s. I am scared to game on them however, because I have on interest in having any bad blood with any of that staff. Mystery fucked an extremely sexy girl from another of our favorite places, and after a breakup she hassles us when we are in the venue.

My sets were the same as always, so I'll post anything new I noticed:

-On a 6 set of cute girls, I got their permission to be alone with their friend for a while, and we went downstairs to the mattress area to chill for a bit. Another sexy girl saw this, and walked up to me and shot me a serious AI. Rather than doing what most guys would do, I dropped my girls' arm and went and stood in front of the girl and allowed her to open me. Then I brought her back upstairs, while my girl hovered around like a puppy dog, and made out with her and got her phone #. Then I came back down to my girl half an hour later, and walked up and said "Where did you go?!?!" She re-opened immediately, now with 10X more value. Funny how that works. I made out with her right after, and traded contact info.

-Xaneus had difficulty getting into a serious very hot 3set, and they shut him out and locked up. I walked over and gave them shit for it, and they were so locked up they wouldn't talk to me. We looked like the typical two player guys trying to hard to talk to them, and we were getting that treatment full-on. They were telling me to leave, and being rude. Instead of leaving, I kept pumping with more material, and making little side comments that I thought that they were charming and that I could see why my friend liked them so much. I kept barreling through, as the sexy girls would yell shit like "Well I don't care about this and you're weird to be talking to us." I kept this up until they could feel the social vacuum that nothing they were saying was breaking my frame, and then went into confession mode like "Listen, I know that a lot of guys come up to you while you're trying to hang out and talk to eachother or dance. And I know they think you're bitchy when you really just do it as a wall to prevent yourselves from wasting your night talking to every single person.

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