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Getting the HB number twice

Specialist: Here's the scenario. It is as bad as any other ever posted, but, this time, it is ALL MINE. I met this cute blonde last summer out at the lake. #close, but never followed up, partly because of a sudden illness that put me in hospital for three weeks and out of action for a while longer. Ran into her again at a charity ball. My wing and I had a suite; he had the room with the twin beds; she crashed in the other bed in his room. I'd long since mislaid her number from the lake, so I wound up getting it from her again during Sunday morning champagne brunch in this other couple's room. And of course I didn't follow up on it AGAIN, being AFC and swamped with work and everything else.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. My wing and I are in this local nightclub. I run into the blonde in the crowd, and she's like BIG smile, "John! HI!" and cheek kiss before I even finished saying Hi.

Now, I have since learned that my wing had been interested in her, and was working on her, but she is very close to the wing's ex-honey, and really didn't feel good about dating him because of the stress with the ex-honey. (The ex-honey wants to get back with the wing.) Meanwhile, the wing hooked up with this OTHER chick just a week or two ago, so anything between him and the blonde is history. Having read you this long saga, my question is this: Should I take the cheek kiss as an IOI or just a greeting?

Style: My thought is that it doesn't really matter whether the cheek kiss is an IOI or not. It's up to you to make her interested (YOU are the male of the species), and the door is open. From everything you've told me (she gave you her number twice, she was happy to see you), it seems that she likes you enough, though maybe as LJBF. But, again, it doesn't matter. You need to just call her. You need to have a good reason to call her (something that makes her smile). You need to demonstrate some charm and personality on the phone. Then you need to take her out, and don't let her sleep in the room next door this time. As for your wing, just tell him what you're doing first. I'm sure he won't mind: he has a HB now, and he's had plenty of time to work on this girl. DON'T WAIT THIS TIME!

MrMorg: The cheek kiss is like a, knock knock...anyone home??? From her. You need to act soon or face LJBF.

Nicholas: IOI. You got her number twice in the past, that in itself should let you know that she's interested in getting to know you better. The cheek kiss proves it, IMO.

Formhandle: Take it as possible LJBF, that you put yourself into. Call her up and tell her it was nice seeing her at the club and you're making dinner tonight and would like some company. Invite her over. Seduce her. Then fuck her.

Matt: Seems as though she is interested, but that window of opportunity doesn't usually stay open as long as it has already for you. Check it's ok with your wing and sarge her hard.

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