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HB: So where are you from?

Anonymous: As common as can be, this question I am been asked by basically all of the people I enter in contact in North America. I consider that this question is a very disarming tactic used by chicks, in special, a very efficient way for them to find out if you have a good social position at all. I can actually tell how a chick is seeing me from a relationship point of view, by just how soon she would ask me this above question.It's very similar to "I have a boyfriend" tactic, really. Does any of you have any tips, suggestions to overcome this barrier. I used to think that if I would say:" I am not telling where I am from", it would solve the problem.Instead, the chicks will keep on asking me on and on and on till they will finally find out where I am from and that would be most of the time the end.

P.S. Just a reminder, 95-100% of the chicks have asked me this question. I don't know what is so wrong with the east European country where I am from, but it is my nightmare when is about talking to chicks.

      HB: So where are you from?
      YOU: People always ask me that. But you know what I think, where you're from isn't who you are. Why don't we try to have a more fulfilling conversation than I do with everybody else and talk about more important things. If I was interested in who you were, I would ask a question like, So what is there in life that you are very passionate about, that really motivates you?

      HB: So where are you from?
      YOU: Somewhere dark and mysterious.
      HB: No, seriously.
      YOU: Seriously, it's somewhere that you would love to go one day. And it's somewhere I could even take you to. But you're going to have to earn it.
      HB: So you're not going to tell me?
      YOU: No, of course I'll tell you. When you earn it.

      Tell us here where you're from, and we'll come up with some good answers for you. I doubt that any HB is truly turned off by any answer you give. It's not WHAT you are telling them, I'd guess, it's HOW you are telling them.

BeerBongHangover: You have a great advantage. Girls always want to meet guys from Europe. You can use this to add mystery. Just talk about the exciting or unusual parts of your country. About how people are different there, etc.. To give you an example I was sarging at a party one time when I walked into a conversation. This guy had three girls mesmerized. He was talking about how he was from Hawaii and he belonged to some important tribe there. And his family was very important. And how he had to do these ceremonies like knighting people etc.. Basically saying he was a prince over there. Of course he didn't just brag (too obvious). He said stuff like the ceremonies sucked cause they were boring yet he went into great detail about them. Anyway it sounded like total BS to me but the girls ate it up. Of course he used to sneak out of his palace and party a ton which caused him to overdose and he had to be brought back to life on 3 different occasions. The things women will believe. Use your imagination. You don't have to go overboard like he did but you can use your origin to your advantage.

Richard Morrell: Dude. Just reply in your own language!! Have you seen how turned on Jame Lee Curtis gets by John Cleese talking in Russian in the film "A Fish called Wanda"?Speaking a foreign language fluently can get women hot and bothered. It is also mysterious as they are forced to focus in the tone and pitch rather than the words. Like listening to opera

Juggler: Most American women I know dig guys from Europe. You may be reading into this. Anyway, be proud of where you are from. Think about all the good things about where you are from. Turn this obstacle into an opportunity. Make talking about your homeland your strongest routine. Speak passionately. Geeez, you are lucky and don't even realize it. You are exotic.

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