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How to Quickly Change Chicks' Views of You

Simpson: Or rather, getting out of "What an AFC!!!" mode.

In my regular pub/club (Where I LIKE to go), most of the women (and men for that matter) know me as the AFC I was (and still am, at the moment).

There are a LOT of HB's in this group that I'd like to lay just because I can, but how can I quickly change their views of me. For eg: I was never a kino person before. Any tips on "phasing" into it?

Local_D, Shadow: Go to a different club. Or hang out with different chicks in the same club and kino them, the others will soon notice.

Simpson: Would this also work in my favor? "Wait... I've known him months and he never kino's me... wtf?"

Local_D: I don't think it would. But if you start the kino, you have to build it up gradually since you never did it before. Might seem unnatural.

Style: What you have to do is bring in a HB9 or 10 who doesn't usually hang out in the club (someone you've picked up elsewhere), and let everyone see that they are attracted to you. Do this two or three times, and you're golden. But--important--do not show or try to show your HBs off! It must seem perfectly natural for these beautiful HBs to be attracted to you, and you must seem perfectly comfortable in that situation, like it's normal for you. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics