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Mystery on a Thursday Night

author:           "Mystery"
date:              Fri, 18 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject:        Mystery on a Thursday Night

Living vicariously with Mystery ...

Alrighty gents, I got a call today at 1:30pm from the voluptuous girl from the party last week. Her name is ... um, Annette. Sure. OK, so Annette (A for short) calls me because my last email to her had her asking her to call me. I left my # with her. So she did. She talked for about 10 minutes about anything but sex - in fact, I chatted like she was my good friend and we just shot the shit. I then said, come over. So she said she would come over after work. I tidy'd up and then at 7:30pm she called saying she was on her way over while I was talking to my buddy Tal. So she arrived and came to my bedroom where my computer was. she sat beside me on the bed and I played her an mp3 file I ripped off a CD. It was a folk song and I made her listen to it with her eyes closed. This changed her state to one of connection ... as the song was called The Turtle Valley Snow. I then played some depressing songs (but really good ones) like from Counting Crows and this made it all serious in the room. I then played some fun fast stuff. We talked about my computer and my favourite music and then talked about science for a bit ... cosmology and mortality. We enjoyed eachothers coumpany. I then got real close to her and as we were talking I kissed her neck. It was very natural. I talked some more and kissed some and then asked if she liked getting her neck bitten. She said yes so I did. I then asked her to stick her tongue out and I sucked on it. Ok, so we goofed happily (top off tits sucks, my shirt off nippled bitten, I kissed her ass and licked her everywhere ... but ... and she was very embarrassed about this . . .she was on her period and didnt mean for us to get this far. So I said, hey its natural and we just played kissy and bitey and touchy. I rubbed her pussy from the outside of her panties and kissed her stomach and tongued her belly button. We messaged eachother and rubbed and scratched but didnt DO the sex thing. It was ok though. I am a man of CONTROL!!!!!! I am the master of my domain. King of the castle. So at 11pm she got dressed and we had dry humped eachother and really had some CLEAN fun. I would have LOVED to cock her but she wasnt able to due to nature issues nor did I have any co0ndoms here so it was fine. I would have liked a blowjob though but thats a little one sided for the first time. I COULD have talked her into it Im sure but I would like to set this up for some longer term fun. Im not a very selfish person. We enjoyed eachother tonight. I walked her to her car holding hands and we were all kissy kissy. I mean kissy! We were very good together. It was all good.

As a sidenote to those who havent been with a girl in a while. It's worth it dude! Just TRY and fail and try and fail and try again. And then when a girl DOES accept you, and you are with her snacking on her tits, your eyes all glassy and you are totally immersed in tits, your ego is satiated. You feel so good. Its a woman. Feminine creature. Her smell, her softness, the feel of the back of her head - her soft hair, her belly button, taking a bite out of her ass. I warm wet tongue in your mouth. Fuck, its so ... natural. EVERYONE should have this connection with a girl ... every DAY! I need more. Too bad she couldnt stay the night. Too bad she wasnt off her period. Too bad I didnt have condoms. Too bad it wasnt the weekend. Good news is, I KNOW FOR 100% FACT that she and I will see eachother again and YES the sex will be good. I KNOW this. We did almost everything except the actual cock out of pants pussy in open air DO! Another time. I want things to be right.

She drove off with a smile on her face. I went back into my apartment with a smile on mine :) Mmmm .... I LOVE women!

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