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Mystery and Tal on Saturday Night

Alright gentlemen,

Another night out with Mystery. Tal called me at 9pm and I met him on the corner of a street downtown right by where the party was. I told him that Jimmy the HuN would be there. Tal told me they had already been at the party and it sucked so they just waited on the corner for me. Action Fighter was there with his very cute asian girlfriend (great body) and Tal and his buddy (Ill name him Judd for now) were there waiting for me. We went to a nearby beer hall (not my thing) and Tal got us in for free (he knew the door dude.) This place made me think. It was full of girls but they were drunk looking - beer place. The stage was filled with girls dancing and I noticed that all the people dancing on the edge of the stage facing the rest of the place were ALL girls. It was as if they were DISPLAYING themselves to the room.   It was so behaviorally obvious. Human nature is odd indeed. Anyway, there was NOTHING of interest. I assessed that the place was unsuitable. Most were young collage girls very drunk and dancing. The music was loud and such so after Judd finished his beer we left. Action Fighter and his girl had to go somewhere so they left which left only Tal Judd and me. So, Judd made us wait while he toked a joint. Then we went to goto Tals car so we could drive to a better scene in the city. Thing is, as we walked past the party I said, Hey, maybe there are more girls here. Judd had kept walking towards the car as Tal and I went into the party. We were there a bit and the girl who liked Tal was there from yesterday. It was an 80s theme party which was sorta lame but hey. Oh yeah, Jimmy the HuN was NOT there. I sent him the party info but he never showed.

Actually Jimmy, at first I thought it was good you didnt show cause you wouldnt have missed anything but truth is, while this was NOT a pick up party, it WAS enlightening none-the-less. Jimmy, you would have enjoyed the evening but we would not have gotten phone #s or any shit like that.

Ok, so ... Judd wanted to take off (which was way lame ... we were out maybe an hour) . He drank beer and smoked pot and now felt like he couldnt get a chick or something. Lame. I dislike that sort of excuse ... blaming life for dealing you a cruddy hand rather than motivating yourself to TRY. So Tal drove him home while I stayed at the party. I was sorta bored though for a while. I felt a little trapped. So I went into a room with the girl who liked Tal and she was talking to a girl - they were sitting on a futon. I sat on the floor and listened. So then I started talking and some more people joined in. Tal returned about 20 minutes later and I suggested the question game. There was a girl there age 29 who had a really cute face, shortish blond hair and to be honest she was rather voluptuous but wore a skirt and had such nice skin and great tits that I thought, "I would fuck her" She had such energy, smiling and happy and attractive that way. Mmmm, and Tal would too. Ok, so here is the QUESTION GAME:

Originally, I often used this routine to play with only one girl. However, we began playing this game with more than one at the party. Ok, lets start with the basic routine.

You say to the girl, "Have you ever played the question game? Well there are RULES to the game. Rule 1, you have to tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. Like truth or dare but without the dare because I dont know how weird you really are (a minor NEG HIT) . Rule 2, you can't ask the same question asked. Rule 3, you have to ask questions that let skeletons out of the closet. Rule 4 you ask a question then me then you and back and forth. Oh and Rule #5, you go first."

She will say, "thats not fair." So you then ask, "How many boyfriends have you had?" From here on the entire question game will escalate sexually until she is asking you how many times you masterbate. Its a fun routine. Try it.

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