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Make two different girls tear up

Style: Last weekend, something new started happening on my sarges. Two different girls I was talking to started tearing up. I've seen this happen with PUGs, but never with myself before. I'd like to figure out what button I'm hitting. So here's the story.

HB1: A very cerebral, somewhat sarcastic, very beautiful and sophisticated mullato. I used the best friend approach on here ("Hi (friendly squeeze, big smile). I'm sorry, you look exactly like my best friend Ann. But take that as a compliment, because she's a cool girl.")

Later, we started talking about mystery and the unknown. I demonstrated some psychic stuff on her, and we talked a little about the powerful emotional connection she had with a recent ex (this probably triggered it). Then, when asking about the psychic stuff, I talked about how I turned off my analytical brain and just got in touch with my emotions, my feelings, because they are always right and I can always trust them. As we talked, tears just started dripping out of her eyes as she smiled this teary smile. And she had a bitch shield when we originally talked. All her friends wanted to leave, but she stayed and talked with me and of course #closed.

HB2: At a small party, there was a busty blonde with an okay face. I wasn't even sarging her (already #closed an amazing HB9, and slept with the host, an old MLTR). But she was talking about how travel was the most important experience to her, and I told her about some of my amazing travels and insights and people I'd met. Her hands were so soft as we talked, that I told her I should hold them. As I talked, at about five or six different stories or ideas I shared, her face would just well up and tear up. I anchored all this with certain touches on her hand, of course. Later, I asked my old MLTR if she often cried like that, and she said no.

Both times when this happened, I felt I could just slowly brush her hair back from her face, make eye contact, and move in very slowly for a gentle kiss. Does anyone else here have experience with this, and does anyone know exactly what is being triggered here? (My present theory is that it may be some sort of unfulfilled frustration with their own life finding release because I have the piece that's missing in my own life, maybe.)

PS My old MLTR at the party asked when I had become such a ladies man. I pretended, teasingly, that she had created this monster.

One of the girls I sarged (but didn't make cry) in that post called me. The HB9 who I met at an ex-MLTR's party phoned and, since we're both away from our familes, she wants to spend xmas eve together. This is good, because she's definitely MLTR or GF material. She said, "Do you think we should hang out? Ex-MLTR probably wouldn't like it. I haven't told her."

I could not think of the right answer at all here. She wants a reason to hang out with me and not feel guilty about fucking over her friend. I think I said the wrong thing, because by answering "i'm sure it's okay," I may be showing myself to be a weasel.

So, no doubt, when we're making out tonight (if all goes well), this is going to come up again. What should be my response (esp since I slept with ex-mltr last night, though HB9 doesn't know it)? Ah, the tangled web we weave...

Two Lessons:

1. What I did wrong.
2. The importance of having backup plans.

So, HB9 called and fucking flaked. She said that a friend of hers was in town and had just broken up with her boyfriend, and she needed to console her. Like an AFC, because I was so surprised (i had the PERFECT sarge planned), I told her to call me afterwards to get a drink. In other words, I LET her flake on me. I have half a mind to call her back and tell her what I think of people who make plans and then cancel them. Should I do this? What would YOU say?

Fortunately, while we were talking, another HB I recently met (but haven't closed) called on the other line, so now I'm going to see her in an hour for a little xmas eve celebration. Unfortunately, this HB is not MLTR or GF material.

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