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LR: Manufacturing Chemistry

Style: Man, I have been having so much fun lately. And the advice in this NG has been great. When I think about how much more exciting going out has become since my AFC days, I'm in shock. So thanks to you all. That is, with the exception of Violet Lotus. (Dude, you should have returned my email and sarged with me in NY--you missed out on many good times and two amazing HB-loaded parties, like the one below.)

LESSONS LEARNED IN THIS FIELD REPORT: The importance of warming up, sometimes rules must be broken, messed up patterns/lines can still work, fractionating attention, making her uncomfortable in a good way, and the benefit of creating competition.

The night I got to NY, I met some friends at a bar party. It was still early, but there were lots of bored looking groups of HBs so I just dove in. I find that I always start with a rehearsed approach, but after a while I'm on a roll and not even aware of what I'm saying to open.

I #closed the only two girls I was interested in, but didn't plan on calling them because I had a lot of friends to see in NY. But the next day BOTH called ME. One was HBSmiles, a blonde in a low cut shirt. I don't even remember my opener with her, because it was very natural. I just turned around while I was flirting with two drunk chicks and started talking to her.

When I met HBSmiles the next night, there was just no vibe whatsoever. I had to try to keep from yawning. I was just going to eject and call someone else, but then I realized that I have the power to create that chemistry. I wanted to see a short hour-long theater thing, so I took her to that and just figured I could eject after if I wanted. As we sat, I matched my breathing, posture, laughter, everything to hers.

Afterwards, we went to get some food. It was a struggle to EV, but once I did and realized that she wanted a teacher to show her new things, I became that guy and everything lit up. I did Strawberry Fields, and totally failed because she didn't really understand that the field was supposed to be forbidden and off limits. But it worked anyway, because we started talking about sex. She said how she didn't sleep around, didn't have a lot of partners, needed a long time to get to know a guy, and all that. My instinct said "reject," but the new PUA inside said "we'll see about that." Then I hit her up with natural woman type patterns.

Then a funny thing happened. She said, "This is sort of a date, isn't it?"

I heard all the voices of this NG yelling "No!!!" So I tried to turn this into my advantage by making her think she'd just given me a SOI. So I said, "Well, I had thought we were going to just hang out, but it's interesting that you think it's turning into a date. I wonder what that means about us."

When the check came, I heard the voices in the NG yelling "No!" But sometimes rules have to be broken, because in certain cases you're just going to look cheap and stingy. I took care of it, and said, "This means that you're buying the drinks tonight (pause). And I'm very thirsty."

Now, I called a friend of mine--another blonde--to meet us at the bar. I'm really into introducing other HBs into the picture on a "date" lately, and it's been effective. (This way, the girl I'm sarging is confused about my interest in her, and I am now a challenge for her to compete for.) The blonde arrived with her sister, who was this hot Lisa Loeb looking girl, and her sister's husband. I sat between the blonde and HBSmiles. This was perfect: I could talk to HBSmiles, and then if she said something I didn't like or didn't respond right to kino, I could punish and talk to the blonde, leaving her cut off. And all night, HBSmiles kept buying me and her drinks. I joked that she was trying to get me drunk.

While I was alone with the blonde, she told me her sister and her husband had a joke that they can only cheat with mermaids and mermen. When the husband left the table, I leaned in and told the sister, "You know, I only have legs for the day (pause, laughter). Would you like to take advantage of this brief opportunity to make out?"

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