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Stories of three #closes and one observation

Just back to sarging after a LTR and long trip, and decided to get back into ASF gear at a party last night. I tried some tactics that worked amazingly, and had a few refinements of other tactics. The party was at a roller skating rink, full of trendy HBs in skimpy little roller outfits. And it was amazing, because it was so easy to initiate convo when you're in a situation like this: a friendly neg hit about an HBs coordination on wheels, or just bumping into someone on the dance floor. Anyways, here are stories of three #closes and one observation:

1.  # close 1: HB8Plastic I'd seen in a bar before, but never talked to her. She was memorable because she was hot, but something really looked plastic surgery about her face. So the opening was easy ("weren't you in the XXXX bar the other night"). Anyway, after fluff talk and patterns, I suggested we spend some time together since we seem to always end up at the same places anyway. So she said, "Sure, give me your number." Instead of using one of the lines I've learned here to get her number, I tried something else and it worked AMAZINGLY. I just said, "Okay." She grabbed a club flier and gave it to me. I tore it in half, and gave her one half. Then I borrowed a pen from a girl standing nearby, wrote my number on my half of the flier and then handed her the pen. She of course wrote down her number and email. The point here is, instead of trying to talk her into giving me her number, I just put her in the position of being OBLIGATED to give me her number. If she has the paper and pen in her hand, what else is she going to do (unless she's a total bitch). 

2.  # close 2: This one is where ASF really paid off. I got a ride home with HB8.5Energy, a totally thin cute party girl. A mutual friend had introduced us, so we felt pretty comfortable together and had a lot of kino on the skating rink. When she dropped me off, I asked for her number. She said, "Give me your number. I never give guys my number." THen I did something I never would have done before ASF. I said, "That's funny, I never give girls my number either," and walked off. The next day I wondered if I'd been totally rude. But rudeness worked. I got this message on my answering machine: "Hey Chris, guess who? It's the girl who's not going to give you her phone number. I was thinking about it, and I perhaps didn't come across as very good yesterday because it's just a natural reaction when guys in the past have asked me for my number. But thinking about it, it was rude, and you're good and I know you're not being creepy and have some ulterior motive...If I came off bitchy, that's not what I wanted to do. I had a lot of fun and I'm calling to give you my number, if you still want it. I had such a long day, but I kept thinking, 'I gotta call Chris, gotta call Chris.' It's been on my mind all day." And then she gave me her home phone AND cell phone. (She must have gotten my number from our mutual friend.) So, chalk one up for ASF, because I know that if I had just given her my number like an AFC, she NEVER would have called.

3.  Close #3: I collided (accidentally, really) into a totally cute HB8Scrawny on the rink. In that moment, though, I made sure our eyes met and I smiled, and she returned the gaze and smile. Later, when I saw her off the rink, I apologized, and we talked, and I ran a sort of meant-to-be pattern on the spot, saying that maybe this wasn't an accident, that maybe we were thrown together in this unusual way by fate, didn't she sort of feel a tingle of energy run through her body when our eyes met (and then I offset the cheesiness with a joke that maybe that tingle of energy was just pain from the head-on collision), and finally suggested we get together some time and see if it was meant to be. This was my corniest #close, and I only think it worked because she was actually interested in me already (after we crashed, I noticed that she kept looking over at me).

4.  Mirroring: Maybe I haven't read the entire archive, but it seems that whenever we talk about mirroring, it's about physical mirroring and imitating movements and gestures. I noticed too that vocal mirroring works amazing, and lets you create a world with an HB. If she talked fast and excited, I'd talk fast and excited; if she talked slow and mysterious, I'd talk slow and mysterious. And I noticed that this created instant rapport, that she'd automatically assume we had a lot in common because our energy level and speech patterns were the same. Maybe this is an old ASF thought, but thought I'd share it anyway.

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