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Pickup a hot girls who is with her family

Date:Sun, 08 Jul 2001 17:11:51 GMT
newsgroup: subject:
Re: She's with her family...

Nate: I was at the local pool tonight, there were TWO fine ones but both were with their families (parents etc.) This is bound to happen elsewhere too. Is there any way to make an approach without her family interfering/getting suspicious? How do I manage to pull her away? I know most parents can get kinda suspicious that their daughter's being "PU'd."

Style: This happened to me the other day. I was eating in a restaurant, and this HB8.5 came in with her mother and aunt. I figure you approach this like you would a HB hanging out with two UGs. Approach the parents/UGs first. Talk to everyone EXCEPT the HB you want at first, but you try to make the HB intrigued in what you're saying. Then, once the friends/parents are comfortable with you, you try to isolate the HB while still being friendly to their parents/friends.

So when the mother walked in and passed by table to order food, I heard that they were speaking with an English accent. So I told the mom that she had come to the right place, and talked about the restaurant for a little while. When the mom and aunt went to order food, I talked with the daughter, who was 20. In addition to eliciting values, I tried to elicit events (things she wanted to experience in NY)--and, as soon as I heard my opportunity to invite her to a party at a cool lounge I was going to the next night, I said that I was going there and maybe she would enjoy accompanying me. I think this worked because I made it seem to the mom and aunt like I was doing a favor for the daughter (and of course I invited mom and aunt, knowing they'd decline but appreciate the compliment to their "youth"). The secret may be to earn the parent's trust and show them your kindness, stability, and completely platonic interest in their daughter, but not to kiss up too much to them, because if you get along too well with a girl's parents, then you risk neutralizing the HBs attraction to you. You still want to allow the HB to be just a teeny bit rebellious under their parents noses, and not make her feel like you're just another lame friend of her parents.

A T: How young is this girl?  If she is still a teen, then maybe they will still be overprotective, but if she is considerably older, then her parents may even help you out ,  since they have a "Still" unmarried daughter and want some grandkids (if they don't have any yet).

Final D: Yeah, parents can be pretty pushy about getting a stranger male laid by their daughter, and often they don't even know they're doing it. "He's such a NOYCE boy. Why don't you two GO TO A MOOOOVEY?" Etc. etc.

The trick is to never let mom and dad SET THINGS UP -- that means you aren't taking the lead. But let them wing for ya all they want. "He really made me feel comfortable ..." blah blah. As long as she isn't trying to rebel against mom and dad, that is ...

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