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How To #Close

One of my favorite questions to ask a girl on the phone for deep rapport is: "What are you passionate about? What turns you on?" It's an easy way to calibrate how sexual she is. If she starts talking about sex, the BINGO... time for a booty call. If she starts talking about art, time for more comfort building.

Once you've built attraction and comfort, you can either end the conversation or set up a meet. Sometimes I like to game them without setting up a meet... so they don't feel pressured. Unfortunately, that's like giving a sales pitch without asking to buy. A lot of the time, girls will WANT you to "make the ho say no". They'll see you as beta if you don't.


A girl will be more receptive to seeing you again depending on how attracted she is and her comfort level. If you have enough of both, SHE will suggest a meeting. This rarely happens simply because women are TRAINED not to initiate this sort of thing. Similar to a proximity AI in a club, a girl's strategy here is to BAIT YOU into suggesting a meet.

When she starts talking about her plans for the evening or for the weekend (even though YOU DIDN'T ASK), this is equivalent to her saying: "Here is when and where I am available to see you. Help me set up our day2."

If your calibration of the subcommunication here tells you that she is PRIMED for a day2 with you and wants to be alone with you, forget about the "tag along" and "I'm going out with my friends" and other non-needy subcommunication. She wants to meet you. You just need to take the LEAD and make it happen. She NEEDS an SOI here so that she feels qualified and doesn't experience buyers remorse. So SOI her, qualify her, let her know you WANT to see her again. "You know, I was planning on staying in today and maybe renting a movie. What's your favorite movie?"

If you calibrate that she needs more comfort, set up the meeting in a social place like a coffee shop, the mall, or a bar.

If you calibrate that she needs more attraction, set up the meet using the Tag Along Meet Close or similar because you need to subcommunicate that you are not NEEDY.


Flakes suck. We can usually prevent them by doing our groundwork (SOLID GAME), making sure you suggest a mutually desirable meeting, and by making it HARD for her to flake. Most AFCs are in the habit of providing women with outs. They make it EASY for women to give them excuses, and then they wonder why the girls flake.

When setting up the meet close, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS say something like "I'll call you if my plans change, but otherwise I'll see you at X." This takes the LEAD, letting her know that YOU will be the one to change the plans, NOT HER.

By Harmless

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