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A routine worked amazingly to get HB's number

HB8Plastic I'd seen in a bar before, but never talked to her. She was memorable because she was hot, but something really looked plastic surgery about her face. So the opening was easy ("weren't you in the XXXX bar the other night"). Anyway, after fluff talk and patterns, I suggested we spend some time together since we seem to always end up at the same places anyway.

So she said, "Sure, give me your number."

Instead of using one of the lines I've learned here to get her number, I tried something else and it worked AMAZINGLY.

I just said, "Okay."

She grabbed a club flier and gave it to me. I tore it in half, and gave her one half. Then I borrowed a pen from a girl standing nearby, wrote my number on my half of the flier and then handed her the pen. She of course wrote down her number and email. The point here is, instead of trying to talk her into giving me her number, I just put her in the position of being OBLIGATED to give me her number. If she has the paper and pen in her hand, what else is she going to do (unless she's a total bitch).

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