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Flame relating to Day 2

A good opening move when you first see her is "heeeyyyy" then you lean up like you're gonna kiss her, STOP, then say "lets get going" or "cool house. let me use your bathroom" and move on. It's just such a MONEY move from the get-go, because she will understand that you know how to PLAY, that you're not NEEDY, that this shit is gonna be FUN FOR BOTH OF YOU.

Don't forget to dress COOL. I don't mean just look NICE. That's BORING. Look hot, look fly. Girls pay attention to DETAILS. You have to look like you are the shit without looking like you are try-hard.

Regarding the date venue, if you don't just end up chillin at her house, have a set plan. I recommend either the mall (lots of different stimulus, cool shit for you guys to play around with) or a nice coffee spot, where you can just sit and chill and talk. The key is that the main attraction is YOU, so you don't need fancy shit to win her over. Insecure needy fuckers try to win the girl over with THINGS, like a fancy restaurant. These things are nice and have their place, but the main attraction is you, so you gotta play this vibe like you are comfortable anywhere, just talking and screening her (yes, you must give off the impression that you are screening her, so she will feel the need to chase and "win" you).

A respected member of the community had this really awesome date thing where he'd be like "hey, if you're good and fun and make it worth my time to hang out with you... i'll give you a special present at the end of the date." then the girl got all amped up and at the end of the night, he took her to an oriental bathhouse... except she didnt have a swimming suit, neither did he, but he was fucking smooth and this whole thing was CONGRUENT, so they ended up getting in there naked and fucking.

I'm not saying you should do this, but just have this mentality of PLAYING.

P.S. when you're going to pick her up or talking to her the night before to confirm, tell her to look pretty for you. "hey, remember, you gotta dress up and look hot for me. if i see you and you look like you just got outta bed, i'm jetting." 1) it's cocky and 2) girls love it when you tell them to look pretty, because this shows you can appreciate it when they put in the effort. and it sets the tone of her doing things to please YOU, which is always good.

By Flame

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