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Flame relating to Day 2

-chilling at the mall, shopping for something YOU need (like making her help you shop for sunglasses and then trying on all the goofy sunglasses and having fun with it)

-movie at home (movies at the theater are overrated and CLICHE -> watch a classic dvd at home, make popcorn together, make out on the couch)

-something exciting/exhilarating (one favorite of mine is taking trapeze lessons together at the NYC Trapeze School. it always gets the adrenaline pumping and excites her, because she has probably never done it before)

Basically, anything that creates and strengthens at sense of the two of you, being in your OWN WORLD.

And remember... these things are just casual DATES/DAY 2'S. It's not about MARRIAGE or TRUE LOVE or anything like that. Yes, those are all important things. But why stress yourself out?

At this point, it should be about having fun, making love, sharing yourselves with each other. So PLAY.

That said, be READY. Though I'm all for going natural, at this point, I advise sitting down and having a general outline of what you're going to be doing and what you're going to be talking about. She's 17 so she's probably not going to be as savvy or tough as some slightly older girls. HOWEVER, it never HURTS to have some decent shit ready in case you find yourself stalling.

By this I mean:

- a few funny stories (I mean legitimately funny... go practice telling them on your friends)
- a few comfort stories (like... slightly serious shit taht reveals gems about your inner self, stories that clear up a bit of the mystery of this super-fly cocky guy)
- some good neg/funny teasing stuff that you just spit out unconsciously... for example, I have a "pg-13" type teaser, where if a girl reminds me of some really hot model/superstar/celeb, I'll be like "yooo... now I know why you looked so familiar... you look EXACTLY like angelina jolieee... but i dunno... not as hardcore, not as SEXUAL... more like, a pg-13 version of angelina jolie!"

The reason for having all this "canned" shit is so that you can totally concentrate on the shit you DON'T have down... you told us that mostly you've been talkin to this chick through txts, etc. That means this meet is SUPER-IMPORTANT, because anyone can be OB or tough or pimp through second-hand communication mediums (IM, phone, etc.). Going natural convo is good, but having the canned shit allows you to spit some interesting convo WHILE concentrating on the important shit like BODY LANGUAGE, VOICE TONE/VOLUME, KINO, EYE CONTACT.

Fuhror gave some good advice on getting kino and possibly sexual intimacy up early. This is because you showed her you are a SEXUAL and CONFIDENT being, and you need to be CONGRUENT with that. This of course, depends on the actual details that you presented. My personal game is to be more chill, more refined, funny party-loving player dude with secrets... I don't go caveman often and my kino is very escalatory (it builds up naturally and supports my verbal game rather than going all out). So when I chill with chicks, I have no problem having fun and just CHILLIN for a bit, because all throughout I am constantly and slowly escalating.

This whole date can be seen as a sort of SHIT-TEST, at least right until you FUCK her. Why? Because you straightup told her you are cocky and pimp and she digs that... but girls can never be won on words alone. This whole meeting is for her to see if you are what you say you are.

How is she gonna shit-test you? For one thing, SHE will INITIATE KINO. So it is SO FUCKIGN IMPORTANT that YOU dictate when/where/how you guys touch each other. She's gonna touch you, grab you, rub against you, all this shit to see if you can handle the heat, to see if you're just gonna buckle up and fold at first contact. BUT YOU WON'T? Why? Cuz you're a fucking player dude, all this shit is just STANDARD BS, you're picky as hell, you only want a girl who can give more than just ASS (ok, you're not yet, but get into this mindset). So if she touches, smirk at her, push that hand away (noooo haha but do it), and be like "cmon... this is the first time we've gotten to see each other since the party... chill" THEN YOU kino HER. Like, "aww, slow up... we're moving too fast" *smile* *slap ass*. See what I mean? Kino is YOUR GIFT TO HER, NOT HER GIFT TO YOU. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics