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Nine Steps to a Solid Day 2

If you are concerned about her friends talking her out of it, you can call her and use this super-powered routine (credit: Lance) State her objection before she can. "It's too bad… All of my friends were totally teasing me that I was planning to go out with some girl I met at the supermarket. And, I'm asking them ‘what, like a singles bar is so much better?' Anyway, they're all trying to talk me out of it. Etc…"

Follow these 9 steps to ensure solid plans for your day 2. If she doesn't respond well at any step along the way, go back and chat her up some more, then try again. Wash Rinse Repeat. Don't be in a hurry to do all of this. Tell stories in between, etc… take your time and let the plans develop naturally.
If you go too far, and she actually says "no", you'll have to change her mind, and it will be much more difficult. At any rate, always persist. She may not be ready yet, but try again and she may change her mind.

And, let's face it… no matter what you do, and with all of this help, you will still get occasional flakes. The most important thing to remember is not to take it personally. It's not a rejection if the girl doesn't show up. It just means that you won't have to waste any more time on a flakey girl.

Practice setting up day 2s to get better. Write your day 2 close into your stack, and if you're not sure it will work, then try it on lots of girls. Get a feel for when you can use it and get a feel for how flakey the girl is. Try every time until you can really calibrate whether a girl is going to flake. Always persist, and build your calibration skills until it becomes second nature.

By Organic @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics