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bringing her back to your place

just take her, don't even talk about it, if she's comfortable she's going with you anywhere

alcohol: Zinfandel & Chardonnay might work

when back at your place, ignore them for 5 minutes after giving her drink, have her explore your place on her own, take shoes of as soon as you enter your house


house rules

one less thing i have to do, busting on speech mistakes:

HB: Don't say that!

PUA: Expensiver, expensiver, expensiver!


C&F roleplay

girls do alot of role-playing when they are young - they get off on that C&F roleplay up to the lay.

Most girls have boring lives.

her angel, you devil having sex

anytime you get look into role-playing

sexual predator role-playing

with C&F role-playing you don't need routines so much b/c you can be creative within that frame

If you need 60 seconds to figure out what to say, take the 60 seconds, it's better than saying the wrong thing 


it's just a game, just misinterpret it. This is her lucky day, b/c she can throw out all this stuff and you know all the answers. compliment her on it

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