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No, you're not going to ask for a date

Always remember that she wants to find a boyfriend or lover just as you want to find the woman you desire. You have also got her to agree with your philosophies and she will now start to look at you as a smart person. Women want a man to be able to teach her things and to be the decision maker. In the majority of marriages you will find the man is at least 51% in control. Most women want their man to be smart and the one in control so if you win a conversation like this one early on then you will be in a good position to land her if you want to.

Also, you let her know how your emotions took control of you and that is why you couldn't stand it if you didn't ring her. Women don't want wimps but they do want a guy who is sensitive and can talk about his emotions.

If you say you couldn't sleep if you didn't call her you are adding charm and showing what a fun personality you have. Personality and charm will win a girl over good looks more times than you thought possible.

You actually ask the question about you both going on a date together. You ask her out and you also give an approximate time for when you should go out together. You don't want to give her a yes or no answer question rather you want to give her a question about if the weekend is suitable. This can get you a lot of dates when the girl may not have even planned on saying yes to you. She is not thinking about whether or not she will go out with you now but whether or not the weekend will be all right. Your assertiveness can throw your targets thinking off balance for just enough time to make a date with her. Once you get her to say yes it is very hard for her to turn around and cancel the date (see If she cancels the date for more information on what to do, if that happens).

And once the date is set and the initiating routine agreed upon it is time to hang up. Lingering on the phone after closing the date is the kiss of death. If anything ever needs to be quit, the best time to do it is always the highpoint, and the highpoint of your conversation with her is fixing the date. So be polite, make your departure and leave her frying in the excitement of the upcoming date.

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