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Once you get to kissing on the bed, you don't say anything

Style: A few days ago I posted that I was going to see a really cute Asian HB I had sarged. A strange thing happened, and I wanted to get advice. She's from a very strict family, and only a year ago moved out of her mother's house. She was 20 then, and had never kissed a guy or anything. Now, of course, she's lost her virginity, but is still pretty innocent and inexperienced.

So we went out, and I patterned all night, making myself the key to all this adventure she was missing out on. The sarge was along the lines of a famous quote I read somewhere--"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it."

She said that any guy she had ever been with she had been friends with, but nonetheless we connected well and talked a lot about sex. She said that her favorite part of getting physical was kissing. She loved to kiss. When she came back to my hotel room, I looked her straight in the eyes, and came in very slowly and confidently for a kiss. She responded, and I went to lower her backwards so that she'd be lying on the bed. But all of a sudden, she climbed on top of me, and just went wild. While we were making out, I paused and said something like, "You're a great kisser."

Vinnie: Once you get to kissing on the bed, you don't say anything. Especially not a compliment!

Kooper: I agree, once I start making out with a chick, talking time is over! what I do however is tell funny things, remember, you want to keep it fun! for example: I started kissing with a chick I invited to my house for "cooking" :), we started cooking, but didn´t get quite far... on the couch making out, we just had a campari orange (campari mixed with orange juice, reeeeal yummy), I tell her something like "damn me, i swear you taste just like a campari orange", generally they start laughing saying "no shit! :)" or "how come :)"? or something like that!

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