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How to deal with rejection

author:     "Mystery"
date:        Sat, 12 Sep 2004 04:00:00 GMT
subject:    How to deal with rejection?'ll make her see that her behaviour didn't get to you one bit......

Ideally, that should never happen. Whatever you did to get rejected (a serious dumb-ass pick-up line, asking for a dance out of the blue, offering to buy a girl a drink, trying a close when all her signs were screaming I'm not interested! etc), you should seriously reconsider you approaches. You are there to make the woman feel good, better than she's ever felt before in her life. Remember, the attitude to have when is Hmm, let's find out how much incredible and ticklish fun this woman can stand. If however you come to a point of being rejected, you have twice failed - for some reason, neither did you make her feel good nor did you notice this fact, which in itself constitutes a second failure.

Nevertheless, getting rejected happens to the best of'em In many cases, they get rejected because they don't really care too much, they see the signs of the girl not being interested, but they push on nevertheless, call that lazyness if you wish They know they can get any girl anyway, even this one, if they tried a little more  or  a little less  or  a different approach etc. But they just don't care, maybe she'll turn around eventually anyway, and if not, who cares. From time to time however, rejection gets even them by surprise This is how some of them deal with it.

Say It's been a pleasure meeting you. Say it like you really really mean it - in a friendly, respectful yet empathic manner. This way:

•   you'll make her see that her behaviour didn't get to you one bit, you don't NEED her company, you just offered her a chance to be in your company

•   you'll set yourself apart from all the losers who leave mumbling bitches, they're all the same. after having striked out

•   you'll remain cool, confident, a gentleman in good humour. And she'll feel crappy after realising SHE just lost YOU!

Or if she has simply ignored you, add didn't realise you were deaf

Ross Jeffries: I never attach excess meaning to winning or losing with women. What I basically I mean is to realise that if a woman accepts you, it doesn't mean that the next one will, so stay on your toes, and don't get lazy or sloppy. And if she rejects you, it just means that the approach you tried, at this particular time, with this particular woman, hasn't worked yet. It might work at another time with her, or you may just need another approach. Even if it doesn't, as I once told a friend of mine who only thought he saw me get rejected I never get rejected. I only discover if a woman has good taste!

The good thing about using patterns if they're new to you, from the article in Playboy: Parroting someone else's words, it didn't feel like my ego was on the line the way it normally is. Maybe that's the key. If I don't get over with her, it won't be a personal rejection of me. She just didn't go for the material. In the language of Jeffries, I'm on a fishing trip, and I want to see if I can land something quickly. I'm not going to get hung up on any one fish.

More about dealing with rejection from the same article: Truth is, most successful seducers I've known don't hit for a high average. James Toback, the writer and director of The Pickup Artist, whom I met in Los Angeles in 1980, was as compulsive and tireless in his pursuit of women as anyone I've ever seen, and a lot said no. But Toback told me he never took rejections personally: If someone didn't respond to me, the only effect was to make me think I was wrong about her, that I had made a mistake. As Jeffries says, The difference between losers and winners is that losers don't fail enough. And he's right. You have to step up to the plate. If it's not your natural inclination, then having a strategy is helpful and using suggestive language is good. Even if the NLP stuff is a gimmick, a lot of late-night hooey, you'd be better off out there using it than you would be at home in front of the television, watching the infomercial.

Ross Jeffries's attitude: The worst that can happen, is that you find out some girl doesn't want to play with you. Remember - you were about to give her a fantastic gift (be it through patterns or an orgasm of a lifetime. If she turns you down - poor girl, she doesn't know what she just lost

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That leaves you
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we're short on fuel for the men's night lights
With my luck"
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and we had a good chuckle over that little joke
We didn't know that the gas in the reservoir had long ago been used up and that somewhere along the way the fuel pump had started functioning again
Finley had discarded the empty container
an unconscionable act of littering
and was now merely crouched under the hood trying to thaw his hands over the engine block
This no doubt surprised some oncoming motorists
or so we assumed from the erratic swerves the vehicles made as they passed
Many people have never seen a man crouched in the engine compartment of a truck speeding through a blizzard
and the few who have may choose not to believe it anyway
Even the boys at Pete's Gas Station apparently had never before seen such a spectacle
judging from the way they gathered around and stared slack-jawed at Finley
D-don't anybody s-say anything"
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and hold the tank in one hand and the tube in the other
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It works like a charm
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Retch is the only one capable of backing this rig up the side of the mountain and working it along that narrow spot without getting us all killed
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" Possibly I have heard such wailing and gnashing of teeth before
but I couldn't remember when
I asked Retch about it
and he said he thought this was about the best wailing and gnashing he'd ever heard
but he wished Finley would get finished with it so we could start driving out of the canyon
A blizzard was in the making
We showed Finley how to clamp one leg against the wheel well down by the generator and to prop one foot against the radiator cap so that leg wouldn't slip into the fan and get chewed up
We warned him not to allow himself to get bounced forward onto the battery
because battery acid can eat the rear end right out of a pair of pants and usually doesn't stop there
To his credit
Finley paid a good deal of attention to all this advice
Finally we instructed him on how to regulate the flow of gas into the carburetor
and at last we were ready to make our run up out of the canyon
Retch and I got in the cab
and an instant later the engine roared to life
I shouted out the window to Finley and asked if he was ready
He replied with a stream of crude anatomical terms and something about a good book and a fire
I took this as the signal he was as ready as he ever would be
The truck tore backwards up the mountain
and kicking logs and rocks in all directions
There was a good deal of strain on me
because I had to keep yelling out the window
More gas"
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