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Statement of Affirmation

Maniac High talks about the affirmations he reads aloud before Sarging!

This is my current 'statement of affirmations' I read this aloud (with passion) before PU and other times when I get the chance as a reminder of who I am, what I do, and why I am successful.

Street PU does not start when you hit the streets. That is a middle step. Rather, PU starts before that, in the preparation phase.

The very first phase, is definition of attitude, and affirmation:

I talk about left/right brain stuff in it a bit. Basically idea is that emotion and passion come from the right, and logic comes from the left.

Below is the first step:

Ok, here we go:

(A)TTITUDE/CONFIDENCE! [you will EVERY DAY, PU or NOT, do this statement of ATTITUDE!]

Stage 0: Statement of BELIEF!

-You believe, and incorporate the following statement into your core being because


-As you read them, they will go inside you, and become a part of YOU! Each time, you read them, say them outloud, they are MORE a part of YOU, and CANNOT be taken AWAY!

Stage 1: Clear mind, lose fear

-You will kill the AFC inside you, that polite/serious "nice guy", is fading..fading..gone!

-You will relax!

-Wake up right brain

-Play fucking loud techno/other music (will allow right brain to break through left's block)
[I like "Techno Mix USA; tracks 6,7,8.. it is just OVERPOWERING!]

-Go someplace you can talk to yourself/pump yourself up without place/time stress

-Your right brain will LEAD the left brain from here on out

- The left brain will assist in logical thinking during PU, but the CONFIDENCE, LEADERSHIP, and ENERGY of the right brain means that right brain will LEAD from now on!

-you are relaxing, right brain is awaking from his sleep and is becoming free to lead!!

-PU is a game.. it is practice, an experiment to see how far you can lead a
chick, how quickly

Subject: Statement of Affirmation!

-You will convey your words with ATTITUDE, and PASSION, because this is what you BELIEVE in. You are SURE you are right, you KNOW you can PU and ROCK chicks, because you are PREPARED. Because of that, you can work NON STOP with CONVICTION, and PASSION and ATTITUDE!

Stage 2: Statements of FACT / Build ATTITUDE [remember these important points!]

-You are UNSTOPPABLE!, like the terminator!, you WILL NOT STOP, and NOTHING phases you!

-You make NO excuses for your desires as a man!

-You are 50 feet tall

-YOU are an ASF master because you have STUDIED, EXPERIENCE, have PRACTICED, and are very much more PREPARED than any AFC's out there!

-Because you are an ASF master, and are prepared, you will RULE tonight!

-YOU RULE over all the other AFC's and losers out tonight!

-They are NOT competition to you, because they are NOT prepared!

-You only competition is your fear, and you will DEFEAT fear, because the right brain is unstoppable!

-You call bullshit and will turn on a dime when bullshit is tried!

-You ALWAYS keep your cool, unless you lose it intentionally to shake up a chick

-You take nothing for granted and CONFIRM everything by offering her a choice and a chance
(ie. she is busy, not interested, excuses, BF)

-You will CALL all her excuses, and find a away AROUND them jujitsu style!

-You will take NOTHING as sacred (you dont worry about what any ONE chick does/rejects)

-You will be POSITVE, but realize 'its only a game' cynically!

-You will NOT be phased by FAILURE, you will CRUSH it IMMEDIATELY, by REPLACING
failure with IMMEDIATE and SUBSEQUENT effort, resulting in SUCCESS!

-Visible attitude, eyebrows up 'ooh' its a chick!, lets see what we can do with her!

Stage 3: Re-affirmation of what you KNOW women WANT, and NEED from YOU!

-You are a PUA, prepared, and with SKILL on how to ROCK a chick SEXUALLY, and EMOTIONALLY!

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