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Neg Collection IV

author:         "Vincent Chase"
date:             Mon, 21 March 2003 12:26:00 GMT
subject:        Neg Collection IV? Do it right ...

Aww.. your eyes are lovely.. especially the left one!

Wow.. you work out.. now and then..

Wow.. you could ALMOST be a stripper!

You are pretty.. you could have been a model.. if slightly taller.. and slimmer..

You are pretty.. are you an EX model..

I had to come talk to you cos you looked so cute.. from over there! (point)

You look really sexy.. from behind!

Aww.. nice hair!!! Is it real? (pull) Hey it moved! ... Wow.. you could be a hair model.. if you lose the split ends!

You are cute.. in a kinda strange way!

You got an interesting figure!

You have something on your nose.

Cool perfume. I think my granny wears the same.

Your hands are so SOFT and GENTLE, like toilet paper.

You look very stunning, must be the lighting.

You have some real beautiful, gorgeous hair, like Lassie's.

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