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Neg hits shouldn't be straight-out insults

Exoticoptions: My scale: A 6.5 is a cute girl, a 7 is a hot girl, an 8 is the best girl in a group of 50, 9 is tv type/model, 10 are ones in 1000.

I leave my house to get to my wing’s house. As I get there, I find him chilling on his porch, unsure about what to wear. Meanwhile behind me some random girl passes. I use a decisive tone (without the “excuse me intro”) to get her attention. I then go and ask her if she thinks that my wing should change his outfit and blahblah..I don’t pursue because she wasn’t on the HB scale. All I cared was getting warmed up on random approaches (by doing things that a while ago I wouldn’t have never done.)

After visiting a few friends; houses I get with wing and a friend to a bar. I see a girl I used to get with last year, HB7. I decide to work on Mystery’s techs on pivoting/pawning. So instead of engaging her I first talk to nice-girl 5.5 (NG5.5). Just shooting the shit and working on alpha language, joking on how cool me and my boys were (the corny language that somehow girls tend to dig while us dudes would despise: example: “Shit, look how nice my ass looks *while happy smiling…retarded shit like that.) Then I talk to other nice-girl 6 who is there with her AFC boyfriend and shoot the shit with them (goal: working on pawning.)

I need to use to the restroom, and on my way there I see my wing who has engaged and is talking to two girls at some table. On my way back from the room, I go up to the pair and ask if they had seen my wing. One of them, UG3-4 is like “yeh he went back there.” I playfully/sarcastically comment on how helpful her indication was. When I am about to walk her friend goes like “Wait, how come are you so dressed up?” (In reality I wasn’t, I was just following Mystery’s advice on trying to strike out from the herd of AFCs). I look at her strangely and ask her friend(UG3-4), while pretending to be all weirded out but keeping the joking tone (found it to be KEY), “Is your friend always so inquisitive?” So her friends start to apologize for sounding inquisitive, and I look at her playful and tell her there is no need to apologize and she should stand up on what she says (drama-like tonality.) Here I think I should have taken advantage to use some of the patterns I had worked on, but instead I went freestyle. I engaged (mainly) her in a convo, but remembered to involve also her friend UG4. I rambled on how it would be bad to wear the same squared shirt that (woah what a coincidence…) 3 different AFCs were wearing. I can tell she’s really feeling my attempt at logic (or maybe she was just diggin my outfit), but then I decided to extract to engage HB7.

I do so without problem. While talking to her I also engage nearby standing wing, describing him the approach with the two chicks a second ago (to get her to see how I DON’T need her and I’m in control of my shit.) Then I began just talking to HB7, kinoing (as I was used to). I do a first neg by squeezing her belly and commenting on how I thought she had taken a passion for eating (in reality she’s hot, just thought advantageous to use negs in case of a shield were to form up.) Just a little while after I re-neg by flashing some gum in front of her (without saying a word) while she was babbling about God knows what.

[OBSERVATION: I remembered Mystery mentioning this, but he suggested not to neg girls that don’t have the super-attitude. I found the negs to be really breaking down on girls confidence,..i’ve negged a whole bunch of girls that I engaged convos with.] While she was playful about it, she complained on how I was “such an asshole,” first with the beingfat-joke and now implying that she had bad breath ecc.. So guys, beware, negs are powerful weapons that should be used only with the appropriate ladies (8 and aboves), see the scale above for detail.

Style: Good post and good observations. One thing, though. Neg hits shouldn't be straight-out insults (and, of course, they should only be for HB9s and 10s who can handle them). If she calls you an asshole, you're laying it on too hard: AFCs who can't pick up hot chicks usually end up calling them a bitch or ugly, so they're used to that. What you want to do is be more subtle. So instead of pinching her belly and saying she eats too much, say something like, "Is that the new fashion, for shirts to be so tight around here?" and then touch her belly.

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