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Where to go this summer

date:             Sat, 21 March 2004 22:13:00 GMT
subject:      Where to go this summer ... 

I have used this many times, especially great if your travelling a lot. This is one of the main topics that 18-25 year olds discuss.

PUA - "Hey guys, I need your opinion on something real quick...

HB - "Ok"

PUA - "I only have a minute because my friends and I are thinking about leaving, but we were discussing where to go this summer and we have narrowed it down to about three places....A, B, or C? The problem is we cant decide and are debating about it, so I would like to know what you guys think. Where would you go?"

HB - "Blah Blah"
Run normal game from there....if they have never been anywhere, then DHV about where you have been and your experiences, or run another opener from there

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