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karma Opener

Hey guys, I need a female opinion. Do you believe in karma?

If you don't know, Karma is a belief that whatever you do comes back to you, e.g. if you do something good, something good will happen to you, and vice versa.

OK, I'm actually with my friends here, but I can stay some time ... some things happened to one of my friends, and so I'm starting to believe that there really is something similar to karma. Listen to what happened to him.

So one of my friends was throwing a party. And of course there was alcohol involved. So this other friend, who was a little bit pissed, arrived in the middle of the party. So in the end of the evening they both got into a fight, and are sworn enemies now.

And some weeks back there's another party happening. So one of my friends is invited to the party and the other friend's sister. So you can predict what will happen and they hook up and are in love.

And now I don't understand either that is karma, or do girls just like jerks; p


I was reading that Karma opener posted earlier, giving the story a bit more depth for personal use, and then I just had an idea and shifted it pretty heavily. It's probably been thought of before. It's an opinion opener

Lancelot: Excuse me, but I really need a girl's opinion on this. Would you mind helping me out?

Girl: Sure, why not.

Lancelot: Alright, so not too long ago, one of my friends threw a party and invited a lot of our friends(1). Lets call him ohh...Adam(2) I guess, for simplicity. About halfway through the night, a really good friend of ours comes in, ehh, Bob we'll say. Normally he would have been invited, but he's been having personal issues(3) lately, and just has been a horrible person to hang with. He starts drinking pretty heavily, but Adam feels so bad for him he can't bear to humiliate Bob in front of all our friends by cutting him off or kicking him out. Bob goes overboard and starts yelling at Adam right in the middle of the party. Bob reveals he slept with Adam's girlfriend, and the two get into a huge fight. They refuse to speak to each other, and it's really causing problems in our group. The next week, another friend of ours throws a party and invites Adam and Bob's younger sister who is also part of our group. She gets a bit drunk and sleeps with Adam. Adam ditches her afterwards and never speaks to her again. The problem is they're both best friends of mine, and the other refuses to speak to me while I'm still friends with the other. Adam slept with Bob's sister who was a friend of mine, but Bob slept with Adam's girlfriend. He also grew out of control at Adam's party, but Adam was reluctant to cut him off. I can't tell who's done worse, and girls usually give some good insight in these things.

(1) - Maybe elaborate on the "Lot of friends" (Social Proof?)

(2) - Give the names as if you're making pseudonyms, trying to find a name to call them on the spot without naming names.

(3) - If they ask the personal issues, say it's not your place to tell (Shows Standards?).

Yes, this cane seem incredibly long, but it can be compressed in conversation without losing alot of quality. The typed version is just long so any obvious contingencies and details. Feel free to change anything around.


Hey guys, I need a female opinion. Do you believe in karma?

If you don't know, Karma is a belief that whatever you do comes back to you, e.g. if you do something good, something good will happen to you, and vice versa. OK, I'm actually with my friends here, but I can stay some time ... some things happened my girlfriends, and so I'm starting to believe that there really is something similar to karma. Listen to what happened to them.

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