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Some tight Opener by Tyler

For non-club PU (my absolute expertise, although my club game is getting kinda tight non-club is still way better), experiment with PROJECTING VALUE in your opener. That means that what you do/say projects VALUE to the chick, right off the opener. Some things of value to chicks are:

-frame-setting (sets challenges right off the opener)
-role playing

Here are some QUICK examples, although I could go on ALL DAY on this.

"Hey, check out that kid on Santa's lap.. wow, remember when x,y,z childhood memories??"

"whoa, that is a NICE aquarium.. look at that.. OMG, we should totally hit up the bio-chem department, and get shrunk down like BARBIE AND KEN.. then we could swim around behind that coral right there.. see that.. and totally go on like an underwater adventure like in the Little Mermaid.. don't get any ideas though, Ken dolls do not come FULLY EQUIPPED" (this reverses the frame at the end as well as an added benefit)

(pick up the LAMEST CD in the store, like something totally ridiculous) "OMG.. OMG.. this CD is fucking A-W-E-S-O-M-E..... pause for effect while she is gauging if you're serious...... hahahhahahahah" (so you just break out laughing, but not too obnoxious.. laughter is CONTAGIOUS, so take advantage)

You can use the same formula with CAT FOOD in a grocery store, or WHATEVER..
Humour = stuff that doesn't go together.

"I just saw the most fascinating thing.. In this newspaper article (whatever, Jamie Lee Curtis story about her fatness or whatever)" (Ricki Lake even qualifies under this category, although I don't use it myself)

"damn.. I-AM-SICK of this cafeteria food.. do you know how to cook? no?? ok we're broken up then, I'm going to find a woman who can cook.. (while she cracks up, talk to another chick)... OK, so you can't cook.. well what else do you have going for you??? are you adventurous" (transition to Swingcat style qualifying)

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