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Overcoming Approach Anxiety

You don't need to take any of these lines... live your own way & make things your own. READ some more MM ebooks & get out in the field & just talk to people. Any people. Practice opening up conversations with guys if you have to... get USED to approaching. Heck if your confidence is that bad, approach ANIMALS, freaking pigeons if you have to. Practice what you would say. Daft isn't it... they're just animals... so are girls... & you can have her gawping at you like an excited puppy when you get the approach down. APPROACH SOMETHING. Come up with your own material & field test it one night a week every week. Be INTERESTED in LIFE so you will BE INTERESTING then you wouldn't have to ask these questions. You'd live life to the full that you could enchant her pants off just by telling her about your visit to the dentists. Be like Mystery, stack routines & patterns... know so much about MM that you can sail through the nine stages... be like Juggler: MAKE THE MUNDANE INTERESTING. Ultimately... BE YOURSELF... the best version of yourself that you can be. HAVE FUN. This is game. It's fun. Enjoy it. It's like Snowboarding; no one's punishing you if you fall on your ass. You'll get better each fall. There's no failure, just lessons to learn. Obstacles to overcome. Be the prize. Let her chase you. Now go, get out & sarge, approach anything that moves. Approach every girl you see that you wouldn't kick out of bed... Why are you still here? SMASH YOUR COMPUTER! GET OUT! *Head Explodes*

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