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Friends and Lovers

author:           "Mystery"
date:               Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject:          Friends and Lovers

When I meet up with a friend I know well, I am not nervous. Girl or guy, they are my buddy or friend and I feel at ease. Think about how you feel and how you act. Ever leave one friend and goto another and you still feel at ease? You just start talking about stuff, "Hey whats up? I just got back from the gym ... get this, there was this guy there who had no freaking neck! You should have seen how he .... " and off Im yakking. Its no big deal. Well, I noticed that when I had 3 girlfriends (yes I cheated - sue me) I would yak with one then leave and meet another and then later goto the other. It was just matter of fact and I treated them all the same. In fact, sometimes it would get confusing because I would hear a story about a friend from one and later recall that the story came from the wrong girlfriend. Oops, shit happens. Well, thing is, I would treat the girls like they were the SAME girl. Just different face. "I" was still the same. Over time I noticed that when I treated strangers this way and just treated them like I knew them all my life and didnt hit on them or have any visible motives, I would connect more quickly.

So, suggestion: walk up to strangers and behave in your mind as IF you know them. Just start talking to stangers abou twhats on your mind. I do this and it really helps.

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