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Tyler Relating to Phone Game

I agree with the earlier response to this thread that maybe in this case there was no real reason to do it though, and also would add that your AMOG line wasn't that funny. Also that maybe you were being a bit of a dick, which is no big deal because as we learn this stuff we will be initially incongruent with it and we will overdo it at times. I overdid it both with AMOG'ing and C&F and generally talking too much or being too disinterested and all that, for much of my development. It's all part of the learning process, and its definetely to be expected. I still make social mistakes due to miscalibration and as well due to the fact that I am still a newbie myself with a lot to learn. I think better could have been to have said it in a way that was complimenting him by comparing him to something ridiculous. Off the top of my head, you could say something like "Duuh duh duh duh (theme to movie "Jaws") POOL SHARK.. Uh oh, watch this guy work!.. This guys' probably even better than my little cousin Jimmy.. Bro, you should meet him man, he would totally play against you.." Notice that this line doesn't even make much sense, but its not identifiably nasty or mean or anything. I also don't know if this line is even that funny, and wouldn't know until I actually tried it. It's not field tested. It follows the model of something that might be though. Point is that I've noticed that its really important to keep it funny, so that it doesn't come across as insecure in any way. It's sort of weird how it works, but if what you said was funny, then people just assume that you said it as a joke and ignore that it was designed to lower anyone's status for your benefit. That way you can have their status, and they'll enjoy the process too.. Win/win. :)

From there, you want to be nice also. Like actually say something constructive to the guy. Something genuine and observant. That way he's seeking out your validation and actually getting it.

Make sense?

By Tyler Durden @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics