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Tyler Relating to Phone Game

Follow up immediately with something funny or intriguing to distract her. "Change her mood not her mind."


I also really like Style's line about "I grew up with sisters, and teasing was a form of affection". Also useful here.

Another concept I think is important is that when you heat up the situation, people will crave rapport. Like the way I befriend AMOGs is to turn up the heat on them, but then say "Dude, I'm joking around man. I'm not fucking with you. What's up man?" The AMOGs immediately befriend me, because they felt the emotional/physiological heat of the interaction, and they want relief of discomfort. So the same goes with the girls. I don't react or acknowledge the girls' pissy behaviour, and then I heat it up a bit, and then I apologize.

Thoughts? ==

if you see a friend when you're out with a chick, or get a phone call, or anyone starts to interact with you,

Just say "This is my little sister." Then talk to your friend and completely blow off the girl. I say this because this is exactly what a girl will do even to a guy that she likes, and because it is 99% guaranteed that you can just walk back into the set and continue. This is called a "takeaway" and is a great time to conclusively demonstrate to her your lack of neediness and that you have better things to do with your time than to pick up chicks.

I also enjoy using typical chick excuses, as that is a preference that somehow amuses me. Blatant lies that girls use on guys who hit on them, like coming back to her and saying "Where did you go?" when I was the one who walked away. Or leaving them when they go to the bathroom, and they phone me and ask me where I went, and I just say "Ummm, I got lost." Another great one is that if another girl is looking at me while I'm in another set, I'll just walk off without even saying that I'll be back, and open the girl staring at me (who is undoubtedly attracted because of social proof). Then I will move the girl out of view of the previous set so I can makeout and take her phone number, and then return into the previous set and say "That was my friend." I will also say "She just came and talked to me. I don't like her", if I don't want to claim that it is my friend.

All of these I got from girls, and work consistently. ==

I think its great that you befriended the AMOG, and that you are starting to see a correlation between AMOG'ing guys and then finding it actually easier to befriend them as a result. You're noticing that you can get guys who would otherwise ignore you actually qualifying themselves to you, just by your demeanor and a few well timed words. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics