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Tyler Relating to Phone Game

A key here is that on a natural style set, the girl is being CONTRIBUTIVE to the set. That means that she is working her ass off to impress you. This is essentially the essence of GOODLOOKING GUY GAME. It is an actual PROCESS in her head. If you have baited her thought process to start doing this, and then you start stacking routines, it will turn off that process and she will just walk away because the social vibe has changed and she will seek out stimulation elsewhere.

Many of you guys will have experienced situations where you have heavily gamed a girl and pumped up her buying temperature, and then done a takeaway. She gets aroused and starts gaming on the nearest guy she can find because you are gone. Then you come back in, but she is irremovably stuck on that guy because she is being consistent to the work that she has put into getting him to like her. She is doing this because he is a stronger source of validation than you, because you have done all the work in the interaction, where as she has done all of the work with this new guy.

KEY: Conversational ratios are indicative of social value. With structured/stacked game, we use NEUTRAL and BREAKING rapport, in order to retain value over the girl despite that we are the ones doing most of the talking (most of her talking in this case will be done by applying ILLUSIONARY INPUT, as opposed to her actually struggling to think of something to contribute to keep the convo going). However, by laying back and making her qualify herself to you, so that she can live up to the initial impression that you had of her with the natural style "I want to meet you" (and variations) types openers, she is also getting aroused by the PROCESS of gaming YOU.

That means that for a set that if you want to use C&F or even routines on a set that is being gamed natural style, it is essential that the routines are SHORT, so that she views it as just some money thing you said, that gave her a quick break to think of what she'll say to you next. But if you run a routine that just sinks her into a reactive and not contributive mindset, it will break that state and she walks away. Likewise, if you apply hard disqualifier forms of C&F, she will also walk away, because she will interpret them not as playful but as incongruent and you trying too hard to get value over her.

Natural Style C&F, with direct game should look something like:

YOU: Question

HER: Answer

YOU: Playfully misinterpeting the question (shows humour aka intelligence)

HER: Laughing, and re-explaining, or even elaborating on the misinterpretation to gain more rapport with you (like a conspiracy) YOU: Acknowledging that you liked what she said, and feeling the vibe getting stronger

HER: Working to keep the convo going

YOU: Appreciating it

HER: Getting more and more attracted, so that the physical escalation window opens (you will see the signs)

YOU: Physically escalating

HER: Asking to trade #s with you, or even venue change (she has put the work into it, she will want her reward)

That is C&F with natural style game.

What natural style game IS NOT, is you going up to her and asking boring questions as a way of trying to get rapport with someone who is better than you. Everything about your vibe should not even REMOTELY look like that. Higher value (aka "One game" as I called it in the old post) is completely evident. It is being broadcasted from everything about your vibe. The cocky and playful stuff is just one more way of showing your intelligence and sharp wit, which makes her like you that much more. But like with your vibe, it must be something that she has in some ways worked out of you, as well as a part of who you are. It cannot come across like something that you are doing to qualify yourself to her, or incongruently try to gain value over her.

If you are interested to combine natural and structured game, you can use REVERSE INVISIBLE THREADS, which is to game her naturally by asking questions, but to have general stock responses to the typical answers that most girls will have. As has been said by others, some of the typical invisible thread busting-on-her responses like "I work at taco bell" and stuff like that are not as useful with natural game, because it breaks the vibe and shows incongruence to vibe that you were applying given your direct/ natural opener. So the vibe must be playful, or even romantic. But never incongruently busting on her, when you went in there without that frame. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics