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Some mad Ramblings

Here are WHAM's mad ramblings - very weird (I told him to go nuts and say the first things that came into his head), but may stimulate the imagination:

***I found a frog in the park today

I tried to catch it but it kept slipping around When I finally caught it, I gave it a kiss and it didn't turn into a princess

if I kiss a princess, will it turn into a frog? (C&F style, needs alot of change I think)

Maybe You can tell it like thins

My little Brother told me that he dreamt last night, she gave the frog a kiss and it did turn into a princess and she ......, but when awaking he suddenly realize what if she kiss a princess?

***I saw a bird

I thought it was a dodo bird

a plane hit it

it fell on this hot chick

the hot chick was a shemale

she offered it to my friend

to share it for lunch

(weird, but the idea of it has the necessary elements.. needs a total overhaul, way too fucked up, but spurs your mind to think of other possibilities)

***why do cats always land on their feet

notice that toast always sounds butterside up

so if you strap a cat onto a slice of toast, and throw it off the roof, what side does it land on

(maybe too corny, I'm not sure.. but the IDEA of connecting TWO things to throw her can make a routine)

***curveballs are so hard to catch, that's why i play pool i've gotten hit in the face with a poolball though (not sure about this one)

***want to buy my baby?

its soft and sweet and tenderly unique

they buy healthy babies for upwards of $500,000 a piece

but only from the best looking parents

i have a plan to make you a millionaire

so if we collaborate

this is NOT A SCAM

(OK, the start of this is too fucking weird, but the "THIS IS NOT A SCAM" punchline said with TOTALLY funny C&F tonality could totally crack her up.. More experienced PUAs could transition this no prob, GM style, but I'm not sure if everyone here could or not.. I'd recommend taking off the first two lines)

By Tyler Durden

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