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Always go for the hottest girl, not the easiest

Style: Learned a lesson today. And that lesson is: always go for the hottest girl, not the easiest. A few weeks ago, I met two HBs. One was a 9 (I've posted about her before here), and the other was a 7. I knew the 7 was into me, but I wanted the 9 more, of course. I took the 9 (who had a BF) out, and *closed (even though from everything she's said I'm 100 percent not her type--though she is exactly my type!). But the 7 called the 9's cell phone while we were out, and said something like, "Hands off, I want him." So I let the 9 go and fclosed the 7 a few days later. So I still see the 7 sometimes, and today I was talking to her and she said that she was talking to some of the 9's friends. The 9's friends were mad at her because they said that she stole me from the 9. Now, I am upset at myself: I went with the easiest girl instead of the hottest, and I could have had the hottest. So the question is: now that I'm f-ing the 7, is there any way to get back with the 9? (I haven't talked to her since we hung out, but I know she wouldn't mind hearing from me.)

Wizzard: Does the 9 know you know the 7 called her? You should make out that you only went with the 7 because the 9 mysteriously lost interest.

Jetman525: Woo! This brings up some possibilities. I suggest that you "arrange" to "bump into her" somewhere and when you do, ask her how 7 is. Do as Wiz suggests and make it clear to her that the only reason you became scarce is that she (9) lost interest. Demonstrate that you never drop a woman who's interested, but not to the point that you appear needy. (fine line) Get her to meet up for coffee, lunch, drinks, whatever, and go for the kill...

Toecutter: Nah, not the way Id do it. Indicates that you are not sure of your ability to have any girl. You now have this little thing called social proof on your side. There is jealousy floating around. I would just call the 9 and seduce her. Wouldn't get caught up in the he-said-she-said bullshit. Just make it clear that the 7 aint your girlfriend. Read her mind. Read her palm. Do your regular thing. Have her walking on sunshine with her head in the clouds. Isolate you your place. Do a your-place routine that ends in sex. Regular pick up really. You already have the IOIs, you have her phone number, you know she wont blur ... should be fairly easy. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics