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LR: When it Rains, It Pours

In the bar, HBPersian was across from me, and HBAniston was standing. HBAniston was looking bored first because HBPersian wasn't including her, so I let HBAniston share my seat with me. Now she was stuck, and when I was talking to HBPersian I could kino her. I don't really remember what I said. I just remember that whenever one looked bored, I'd turn to her to get an opinion on the subject I was talking about with the other HB. Then I'd talk to her about her answer, and I'd notice that her face would literally light up when she had the attention. Once it was lit, I could turn to the other HB to talk. It was kind of like trying to keep two candles lit on a windy day: I had to keep lighting one then the other, over and over, until I could hint to HBPersian that she should be getting ready for her flight. Overall, as their interest was building, so was their frustration and jealousy, and it could have gone bad if it went on for too long.

At the celebrity party, I tried a different tactic. After a while, I said to HBAniston, "Why don't you talk to HBGirlinblack. We're leaving her out of the conversation." And HBAniston did it, maybe because I said it in a way that made her feel like the dominant female, including the other out of pity.

However, I must note that Mystery's advice for such situation with two girls who don't know each other is:

Say to HB1: "Hey, have you ever kissed a girl before?"
HB1: Yes

Say to HB2: "Hey, have you ever kissed a girl before?"
HB2: Yes.

Say to Both: Well, I don?t want you two kissing in front of me. Because it only makes me jealous ... unless I?m included.

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