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LR: When it Rains, It Pours

author: "Style"
date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 12:03:00 GMT
subject: LR: When it Rains, It Pours

Style: Okay, here's a field (and lay) report with a lot of interesting stuff in it. One, the power of intense rapport. Two, the importance of social proof and having girls compete. And three, a problem I'm having lately with making choices-which HB to focus on when you're out with multiples.

So I went out of town for a party, and a friend of mine I've always thought was really cute named HBPersian was also there. When I arrived, I called her and she came down to my room to say hi. I only had half an hour to hang out. She was tired and threw herself down on the bed. I lay down directly next to her, close but not touching, and matched her posture and breathing and speaking. I could literally feel the electricity from just doing this, and already knew it was on. She said, "Half an hour is too short. I want to spend more Chris and HBPersian time together."

Then, taking a cue from Kirk, I said, "Well, maybe there's a way we can intensify this experience and try to squeeze a lot of intense Chris and HBPersian time together in five minutes."

Then I used a variation of the pattern Kirk posted here. And said, "When you think about all the great and special and nice things about Chris and HBPersian time, where in your body do you feel it [she pointed to her give it a color...give it a shape...let it just heat up and move through your body...etc." She kind of laughed as this was going on, so I don't know if it worked but it was a fun interest-building exercise.

Later that night, I met up with her in her room. I could tell she was interested, but her state wasn't right for me to make a move. I was supposed to meet HBAniston (this girl who looks like Jennifer Aniston) in the bar. I had met her a couple days ago, #closed, and built an intense personal world of private jokes with her. As soon as HBPersian and HBAniston met in the bar, they were being super-catty to each other. It was funny to see HBs doing this over me, because in my AFC days I would never introduce two girls I was interested in. Each one kept touching and flattering me a lot to make the other one jealous. Eventually, HBPersian said she needed to catch a flight in an hour and wanted help with her bags. I told HBAniston I'd be right back.

On the way out, HBPersian said that HBAniston wanted to do me. I played naive. When we went up to her room, HBPersian literally attacked me. It was an okay quickie, and then she ran off to catch her flight and made me promise to have dinner with her when I got back.

HBPersian said, "I know you're going to go have sex with HBAniston." I said, "I don't think so. But I'll tell you what, if I do, I won't lie to you about it. In fact, I'll call you during it so you can hear." (I don't really know what I was thinking, but my new policy is total honesty to manage expectations.)

When I returned to the bar, HBAniston was gone. I called her and she was at this celebrity party somewhere. I showed up there, and she started dissing HBPersian and saying how bad HBPersian wanted me. I smiled and just said "yeah, probably," as if I always have that affect on women. HBAniston was pretty tipsy and there was tons of kino and a little kissing. But she was there with a friend, and I couldn't get them apart. Also, HBAniston and her friend were stalking celebs and flirting with them, and I began to feel a little like a third wheel. I decided, "Fuck this" and decided to call HBGirlinblack. She is a sexy black-haired Goth-like girl with a great figure who I had #closed a few nights ago, and said I'd call if I was at any good parties.

So, of course, as soon as HBGirlinblack arrives, HBAniston is paying attention to me again. And, once again, they're getting a little catty with each other. I'm trying to bounce between them both. My style for this all night has been that as soon as someone looks bored, I focus on them and give them attention until they light up, then I switch to the other HB. Of course, the competing HBs never included each other in their conversations.

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