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Sex Talk

ZLoverBoy: Two weeks ago I was at this night club, and I was so drunk. Then I made an EC with this HB 7. She was with a guy friend, and I asked her to dance with me. I danced with her... but she keeps trying to talk to me. (I've found that with me, chicks who want to fuck _always_ talk while dancing, but chicks who don't want to fuck never want to talk while dancing). She talks about boring stuff - not to mention that I was drunk like a fuck. But I didn't even try to kiss her at all.

Anyway, I asked her if that guy was her boyfriend. And she told me,"No, he's nice, but he's just a friend of mine. I've been friend with him since grade 9". I didn't kiss her, but did lots of kino while dancing.

So, the night was over. She told me that her guy friend took her purse to her car, and I just fucking take her to my home and that's it....

No supplication, no buying drinks, no begging, not even any talking about sex. The more you talk about sex with a woman, the less likely you're going to get it.

Style: Not true. It depends on HOW you talk about it.

ZLoverBoy: I agree that it's not true in all cases. Yes, it does depend on how you talk about it. If you talk about it like you're a desperate horny guy, etc.... then you're screwed up.

Style: Exactly. I used to never talk about sex. But now I talk about it from her point of view, and tell stories that show me not as someone who is desperate, but as someone who is able to get and, more importantly, deliver satisfaction. I just read a lot about tantra, so lately I've been working that into conversation, talking about the ideas and stuff behind it.

>>Also, my mistakes in the past was harvesting phone numbers when I could've taken her home. Don't lust for phone# ... when a woman gives you her phone# it doesn't always mean that she's gonna fuck you....

Style: Not only that, but you can get the phone #, get a return call, hang out, and create an amazing connection. And she STILL might blur and disappear on you. This just happened to me with someone who I knew was really into me, and I still can't figure out what went wrong. My best guesses are: fear of starting to like someone intensely (it's a loss of control issue) or the fact that I didn't get physical with her and she just wanted to get it on [my bad!] or another man/old BF appeared in the meantime...

I think the lesson that you (and I) are learning here is: seize the moment, because the state an HB is in when you're with her may disappear as soon as she leaves you. Of course, there are SS tactics for helping to make her think and dream about you when you're gone, but I have yet to see these really conclusively work better than other methods like a good takeaway or expressing necessary value.

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