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Wordless PU and natural PUA

author: "Style"
date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 01:53:00 GMT
subject: Wordless PUs

Style: The first PUA I met was a friend who was able to just make eye contact with a HB. He'd walk away, she'd follow him, they'd make out or whatever in the corner, and then, sometimes, they'd just part without a word exchanged.

Anyone ever done this? I figure it's just a few easy steps. And all it takes is choosing the right person and, most important, going in with total and complete confidence, without hesitating for even a millisecond.

I've always relied on talk first, though there's been that rare time when I've just felt the vibe and gone for it with someone I was sitting next to without even having talked to her.

I'd like to play around with wordless making out and *closes (I guess they'd technically be *opens) more often. Any thoughts or suggestions from people who do this?

Matt: These techniques are usually reserved for the very handsome. For the rest of us who are at the genetic advantage of never even being able to get ec off a chick, we are in the process of becoming artists, with real skills that can be applied in all sorts of situations. Every day I thank God that I dont look like Brad Pitt!

Proto: You can do it if you not particular handsome, but it will depend a lot on the environment. My experience is that it is much more appropriate for clubs etc then street/shop pick ups, although it seems that when you get to know how to do it it actually works elsewhere too. I just surprised myself with a silent seduction when I was waiting at the local bank.

Style: My friend wasn't really a good-looking guy. And it won't necessarily be easy if you're a good-looking guy. What you need is the right presence: comfortable, relaxed, a deep sensitive gaze, slightly moist lips that seem almost irresistable. When I've done it, I've noticed that it was a certain friendly, open, seductive vibe I was putting out. I just can't figure out how to call it up at will! And, Proto, I agree that it's mainly a thing to do in clubs and bars. So, tell us, how'd you pull this off in a bank line?! I'm dying to hear this one...

Proto: The moist lips are important now that you mention it.

When I am doing the gazing stuff, etc. I am constantly biting my underlip. And I look like 'wow you are a great piece to fuck" without saying it off course.

In the bank there wasnt really a line, but there's a machine you go to to get a number. A few people where standing around it including HB6, a somewhat older lady (end thirties, I guess). I am always trying to send out the open access vibe you talked about, and sometimes girls react to it. HB6 was dressed a bit slutty, and i could see that in her younger days she prolly was much more beautifull and more slutty. So I give her the "he you are a great piece to fuck look" followed by the "Hell i can see you must have been somethig in your time look" then I give a faint smile. She totally goes DBB and smiles back. then her number comes up (off course).

I go sit a bit back on a few benches looking bored to the max (another important pose). My looks says" I hate these boring banks". When she is finished and coming back from the counter. I smile wickedly at her "You hate these boring banks too right? come here and give me a kiss". I was totally surprised when she gave a big smile back walked up to me and kissed me. Dumb me was totally off balance and reacted poorly. (My mind racing shit shit shit, WTF Do i do now? Next her? * close # phone close? Is she married etc." Really hard trying to evaluate whether to next her or not. She wasnt too pretty but prolly quite hot in bed. Then my number came up. I gave her the smile " Damn, faith is fucking us up." and we went out seperate ways.

After doing the bank shit, I off course changed my mind and I shoulda have at least # closed her. But I am so used to just do it in clubs etc. that I still really need to work on street pickups, and keep in mind you do pick ups 24*7.

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