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Re: trying for too much too fast

>>C. etc.

Style: It still might not have worked with this girl, because of the environment. Even in this case, I still would have set up the next meeting, future-paced, cheek-pointed, and left her flushed and wondering.

>>I mean it. My mind just goes blank. And you know what rushes in to fill the empty space? "God, she has beautiful eyes. I'd love to lick those lips. I wonder if she's wearing underpants."

Style: Yeah, I've trained myself to stop thinking that. And think, "She is melting when she looks into my eyes. She is thinking about kissing my lips when I speak. I wonder if she knows how hung I am." I don't know if this is the right attitude, but instead of lusting after her I'm trying to make her desire me. This mindset seems to give me the control I need to execute the PU.

>>I also met a girl this morning who didn't know who Elvis was. I was stunned.

Style: You didn't use the Elvis opener, did you? I've never really gotten into that one. (Anyway, I savor it when a girl doesn't know who Elvis or someone obvious is, because it's a good opening for light negging, teasing and flirting)

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