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Re: trying for too much too fast

Other reasons for not giving up:

1. maybe the simple fact that she was at work is why she wouldn't kiss you on the lips. The prospect of losing your job for severely unproffesional behavior far outweighs the kiss, I think.
2. maybe she put you in the "could be" category, while she sees what happens with the "other" guy that she's waiting for. If he doesn't do something soon, you get the prize.

3. ASD in action

4. a million other things that I could come up with...

So, my point is that resistance is not always definitive resistance! It could be anything. And if you are patient or persist at THAT particular stage, you might find that you breeze through the next 10 stages of seduction. Or you might not. Ultimately, YOU have to decide when the effort outweighs the reward.

In this particular case, I can't think of any reason at all why you'd give up now. You seemed to be doing just fine!

Style: Fatass, a funny thing about girls is that it doesn't matter. All you did was act charming, and then (very cooly) point to your lips. She doesn't see it as rejecting you, the way you may see it. She just sees it as "I don't know him well enough yet." Generally, if I move too early and something like this happens, I'll pursue. If I've demonstrated enough value, made an emotional connection, done all the work, and everything seems right for a real *close, and I get cheeked, I will eject. (The funny thing in these cases is that the girl always calls and emails after I go silent.)

IME: What's the downside? A few minutes of your time, spent doing something that's not unpleasant anyway? Don't just repeat what failed, though; while you can play off it ("You know, I thought I read something from your palm last time, but I didn't want to startle you... oh, well, I shouldn't go into that, I don't Feel Comfortable enough yet... I'll have some time free tomorrow at x, will that be better than now?", you'll need to show a different aspect, still non-threatening, fun, and a bit challenging.

>>As I sit here writing, I see what I did wrong. I should have said "I can see you're busy working now, so why don't you meet me tomorrow etc." Geezus. You know what my real problem is? I get fucking LOST in the moment. Can't think. The most obvious shit escapes me. I stand there playing with her hand and looking at her eyes, and I just can't fucking do the most obvious, simple things.

Style: I know, Fatass. That's why just about all of us here need to be doing this more in real life and reading NGs a little less, so that we can internalize this stuff and it becomes instinct.

Slickeddiez: It's hard... Sometimes you get caught up in your own patterning/emotions... you need to learn to detach yourself from it, and be able to view the scene objectively... When I PU a chick, I basically try and turn my emotions OFF, and view her with almost clinical detachment. The whole thing is a game: I am watching, reading her body language, formulating patterns in my head, even as I lead her emotions... once you get emotional, you lose control. This, however does NOT mean I am not appearing emotional to her- on the contrary, my seductions run from a VERY emotional point of view (to her)- talking about passion, peak experiences, connections intimacy etc... I just don't let myself get involved with it until AFTER the seduction is complete. Then, if she's worth it, feel free to become as emotional as you want with her. Once she's hooked on you, becoming emotional allows you to reinforce the emotional bond she has with you, enhance the experience for BOTH of you...

>>You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to write some of this shit down on an index card (encoded, of course) and carry it around and just whip it out and look at it when I need to.

>>A. Ask her to meet you later.
>>B. THEN kiss her. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics