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Re: trying for too much too fast

author:          "Style"
date:               Tue, 20 Nov 2001 18:57:00 GMT
subject:        Re: trying for too much too fast

>>I do this so often.... Met a cute shop girl this morning. Started right out with stroking her hair, touching her arm, then grabbed her hand and faked a palm-reading routine. She was into it, lots of smiles and that excited look whenever I leaned in real close and put my face close to hers and lowered my voice to a whisper, blah blah blah.

>>When I didn't see anywhere more to go at the moment (she was working, right?) and did not want to dick around with a # close, I told her I would see her again sometime (why didn't I make that a *definite* sometime? Aha!)

Style: Know your ABCs. Always Be Closing (though I guess you did try the close below). I say this because I let someone I should have closed get away this weeking, figuring I'd run into her later that night. And, of course, I didn't, and she was the cutest HB I met all week. and leaned in to give her a kiss on the lips (Mystery sez if she won't kiss you, she won't fuck you).

>>She turned her cheek to me, but I pointed to my lips (Fatass sez if you'll kiss her cheek you'll kiss her ass) and tried again, but she just wasn't there yet. I smiled and said a pleasant goodbye and was gone.

Style: Yeah, there's nothing worse than the turned face, to our male ego. You should have done the cheek point at this stage to say bye. I like this one, because no girl will refuse a cheek peck, and you're demonstrating physical control to her. You point, and she responds physically.

>>Normally, this would be the cutoff point for me. I fucked up; I tried to kiss her before demonstrating value sufficiently. NEXT! I do this a lot because I want to get to point B or get the fuck out of the place.

>>It occurs to me that I might go back and try over, but now I've tipped my hand. I figure that because I tried to kiss her and failed, it was not a pickup; what I did was HIT on her, and now she knows my intentions. In a way that's good, but it also means that I can expect the ol' bitch shield to be up. If you were me, would you bother or just keep movin' on?

Yaritai: That depends on what YOU want, Fatass! Personally, I think there's way too much of the "rejected? ejected!!" mindset here. I can say that I encounter some resistance at some point with EVERY chick. Sometimes I'm able to come up with the right stuff and I get the prize, and other times it's like trying to penetrate a gauntlet and I get nothing for my efforts.

But look, here's what I'm getting at. For example, say you're in a club (or wherever) and you walk up to a chick and say, "hi!" She looks at you dismissively and turns back to talking to her friend. Now say you move on, and then 3 or 4 later, you find one that is friendly. You start a wonderful conversation with her and talk for ages. You go for the close, she doesn't give you her number and so, you eject.

You do this every time you go out. You eject when you encounter some resistance.

But, then, what have you learned? How do you improve? By doing this, have you learned to turn around a frigid response? No! You can't learn to pick locks if you only go through open doors.

Regarding the above example, *I* have been in exactly that situation. That particular night, I was in a very good mood and everytime I passed by this chick, I said something to her or asked her something, or whatever. Slowly, she warmed up and after getting "rejected" 3 or 4 times, all of a sudden the floodgates opened! I found myself in a good, fun conversation with her and her friend and it wasn't long before she was actually pulling up a stool close to her and asking me to sit with her! (Note: In the end, I fucked it up though. I was so surprised by this sudden friendly flirtatiousness that my mind kept telling me, "don't go too fast and fuck it up!" An hour later, she was making out with someone else on the dance floor and shortly thereafter had disappeared. Presumably to go get her brains fucked out. So I learned something valuable. Some chicks, for whatever reason, have a different required speed for different stages. The intro was slow, but I should have hit the gas with the kino and SOIs!)

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