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FR: Asians, Bis, and holes; Study Tips; Stripper #Close

Now, one more thing: one of my friends, who is older and not that attractive, but is pretty cool and has a kick-ass job, went off for a lap-dance with a stripper, who totally suckered him into one. Back there, he said, "Go gentle. I have a wife at home, and am not really looking for wet pants or anything." Anyway, they talked a lot, and she asked him where he was staying and if it was okay if she came over tonight or tomorrow. They stayed back there for two songs talking, even though he only paid for one. He also said that her palms were sweaty after the talk and light dance, as if she was excited. And then, when we left the club, her stripper friend asked my friend, "Did you get Rachel's number?"

Now, the question is this: was this just a stripper tactic to give my friend his money's worth (or get him to return), or was she actually interested? And if she was actually interested in him after he paid for a dance, does this mean that stripper rules don't always have to be followed? Or does it mean that if you have a cool job with a little power, it doesn't really matter what you do in the club?

Tunnces: Right. Guys, don't go to strip clubs to PU. Strip clubs are entertainment only. The girls are only talking to the guys because they are paid. When they aren't on-stage or taking a break most clubs pay the girls to work the floor. The girls get cash just to flirt and their goal is get guys into the private areas so they can get more money out of them. Also they are told exactly who to chat with by the manager. The manager wants to keep the guys that have bought the gold and platinum passes happy. Those guys get extra attention.

Now despite all that I have witnessed my wing PU three strippers in the last year. In every case he knew them outside of the club. We were just taking in the scenery before hitting the clubs and lo and behold the girl that walks on-stage is an acquaintance of my wing! After the girls got done dancing they always came out and talked with him. It was like he discovered their secret job or alter ego stripper life. Easy closes for him, that lucky bastard!

If you really feel the need to combine PU and strip clubs I suggest hitting up a club early then leaving to go to a regular club or bar or anywhere else.

Zeus: Best way to get a high class stripper is to get them excited about doing something with you. Like going jet skiing or scuba diving. Just as friends of course. ha. Having said that I'd recommend staying away from strippers unless they're young and obviously from a good family. Strippers are trouble - trust me.

AH1: The simple, cardinal strip-club rule: Do ANYTHING you want, but NEVER be a customer.

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