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FR: Asians, Bis, and holes; Study Tips; Stripper #Close

Study Tips

Sandstorm: Here is some of the stuff I've done over the past four years:

1. Read
2. Take notes
3. Practice speaking into a small recorder
4. I often wrote dialogs between myself and random women as short stories. (I was an English major) Allowed me the opportunity to refine and recreate scenes using newer and better NLP.
5. Read more.
6. Practice in front of a mirror.
7. Practice IRL.

I have to say this, though - for awhile (6 months at least) I fooled myself into thinking that I was going to learn EVERYTHING I could get my hands on, become a master PUA, and THEN go out and try the stuff. I don't work like that, son. From day one you have to implement this stuff in your speech and actions to see *any* progress.

Style: I'd add to this that a great way to practice, besides Svengali's challenge for approaches, is to find a girl who is already in your life (a friend or gf or coworker) and choose her to practice with. You don't necessarily have to try to f-close her. Just, every time before you hang out with her, memorize a couple patterns or techniques or games or whatever, then try them on her. See what her reaction is, and then refine and modify your techniques accordingly. If Svengali's challenge is the way to learn approaches, I think this is the way to perfect getting to the next level of building rapport and attraction.

tptguydb: Then I would add practice small portions of your PU to everyone you can. Example, I use humor and jokes so what I do is tell everyone my jokes until they become second nature. You w do not want to be thinking about your technique while the PU is going on, mystery is right you are performing and the performance needs to be perfected through practice. Michael Jordan always practiced a lot harder than he played in the game, he did this so when he got on the court he could enjoy the "game" and have a easy time.

And one other thing. I'm sitting here at three in the afternoon and I'm ready to just fall out of my seat asleep. Get enough sleep! Your mind will be sharper so you can watch the target for reactions and you can counter as needed.

Stripper #close

Style: I've never been a strip club guy, because I know that with a seduction, I have a better chance of getting laid than at a strip club, where I'll get played. But, since I was in Las Vegas this weekend and knew I'd end up in strip clubs, I read Mystery's strip club stuff in the archives and decided to try my own plan.

I walked in with my friends, and took a seat at the table facing away from the stage. I didn't look once. When a stripper approached, I said, "Of all the people at the table, you picked the wrong guy. I'm completely gay."

Then she said, "A lot of my best customers are gay" and offered me a massage, and went into the stripper routine of how she was just doing this for a little while, and really needed the money for the ad company she wanted to start. Midway through the speech, I cut her off and said, "Why don't you take my seat and talk to my friend. I'm keeping you from making money."

(What I should have said also, I realize now, is "Why would I want to pay you for a massage. I'm trained in Swedish massage, and you should pay me for a massage.")

I went to the bathroom, then returned and took a seat behind the table. Another stripper came up and, again, I told her I was gay. Then I said, "And, do you know what? Even if I was straight, I wouldn't buy a dance from you.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because my boyfriend is a dancer," I said. "And I know that as soon as he dances for someone, or starts telling them the same stories he's told a hundred people that night, he doesn't see them as human beings. And you actually seem like an interesting person, someone who I could actually be friends with and do a lot of amazingly fun things with, and I wouldn't want you to ruin that opportunity." (I didn't quite deliver this as well as I just wrote it-it was my first attempt-but it seemed effective.)

Then I told her that she should go make some money, so she sat on one of my friend's laps but kept talking to me. She touched me a lot, but I didn't return the kino once. I gave her a variation of the Natural Woman pattern, saying how most men may think that strippers are 'sluts' and businesswomen are 'uptight,' but in fact every woman has two women inside. It worked okay, but then she went into stripper mode and said, "I love sex." So I just cut her down and said that she was paid to say that, and we talked for a while. But it was hard to keep her from delivering her usual routine.

In the meantime, the original stripper who approached went off with my other friend. She gave me the thumbs up behind his back as she left, which was great because it meant that we were colleagues-I was on her side helping her get suckers/customers.

She comes back later with my friend, and thanks me. I tell her that if she's bored between dances, to come back and I'll keep her entertained. She returns at various points, and I tell her about my boyfriend, and pretty much repeat the things I said to the previous girl. Every now and then I send her away to go make money, and she makes a lap and then just comes back. She says I'm really interesting, and I tell her I'm coming to town next week for a concert and don't know anyone (hint, hint). She says she's into the band, and that if I can't find anyone to go, I should call her.

I'm really not that into her: this was just practice. I think it's a good routine though, because I established myself as completely uninterested in her physically, helped her get business (so that I was more pimp than customer to her), and then proved my worth as the most interesting guy in the club. And, if I do actually call her, I'm not that worried about the gay lie, because if I can get her attracted enough to me, it won't matter. It may even be more of a fun challenge for her. Any thoughts on this approach? I'm excited to work on it and refine it. (And I'm kind of proud of myself for pulling off the whole gay-guy-dating-male-stripper charade.)

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