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FR: Asians, Bis, and holes; Study Tips; Stripper #Close

author:         "style"
date:              Tue, 13 Nov 2001 22:16:28 GMT
subject:        Sunday Sarging Report with Questions

Style: I wanted to deal with a couple issues, but in the form of a field report. I had a really interesting Sunday of sarging with Swinggcat. We met Ross J at a museum to test the waters there for future sarging. It was the first time I had met Ross, and I was impressed: the man is a master manipulator, in the best sense of the word. Anchors and patterns were just oozing out of him. My favorite was when we went out on a balcony to look at a city and, standing near some women, he commented on how amazing it was to look out at the expanse and see how all the pieces fit so smoothly into the whole/hole!

Anyway, I #closed there with a pretty cute Asian girl. While waiting for Ross, I asked her if she had seen my professor anywhere ("a tall gray-haired gentleman"), started a conversation, and then, making sure I waited until we were in the middle of a subject, asked if I could take a seat to wait. I suppose some here might say I should have told instead of asked, but I knew she'd say yes. I Ev'ed for a while, found out her trance words (creativity, expression), dropped some deep thoughts on her, and then looked through her cds. One of the bands she was into was playing in town next week, so we decided to go together. Now, interestingly, she seems to be on break from a relationship, and is reading a Japanese book on the differences between men and women. So, it seems like she's not looking for a relationship, but not for a one-night stand either. At the same time, she is intelligent, but a slow-processor who easily falls into trances and, at movies, often finds herself focusing on a small object and spacing out. So, with this info in mind, any suggestions for patterns and framing when I see her next? What is it that I want to hint that she needs physically from a man, when it's neither the ideal BF nor the ONS?

The museum was a pretty good place to sarge, but I didn't make as many approaches as I should have: I think I got nervous with Ross around (it's like trying to play the violin in front of Yo Yo Ma). Next time, though, I'll play more violin, because I passed up a couple good opportunities!

Slickeddiez: A place like a museum is great for sarging, b/c you essentially have a 100% guaranteed opener- just intro with something about the exhibit you are looking at. Art museums are particularly good, b/c they lend themselves well to patterning- easy to start talking about how the piece is so PASSIONATE, how it's amazing to be able to EXPRESS YOURSELF in art WITH SUCH DEEP EMOTION, how you can just FEEL A CONNECTION with someone just by looking at his art and having it TOUCH A DEEP PART OF YOU... you get the idea...

Afterward , Swinggcat and I cruised around a student neighborhood and had a lot of fun. I haven't really done a lot of street sarging (more bars and clubs), but it was amazingly easy. We'd just stop someone and ask for directions; in the process, they'd give us some scrap of info about themselves. We'd ask a question about it; and then we'd transition into doing something fun like the Cube with them.

Kirk: If your goal is to seduce qua hypnotize lasses, then I suggest that you stay away from the bar scene in toto. I am going to surmise that the "Cube" is some sort of game that you are using to capture her interest. Even though games can be efficient--especially if your intent is to appear quainter than you really are--they are often superfluous, and in some situations they can be potential detriments to your end all goal. For these reasons, you should be prudent when deciding whether or not it is apropos to use a game.

Now, Swinggcat is a genius SS'er, and would get them into amazing trances for *closes. The best was in a store. I was cubing one super-cute Asian-Latina girl while he was doing the same with the other girl who worked there, a hippie chick. They were ignoring the phone and customers and everything, and, if we were in a club or bar or house, the hippie girl was so turned on that she would have been all over Swinggcat. I must learn more NLP! And this leads me to Question Two: Raised Expectations.

Before ASF and SS and everything else, I was excited just to get one phone number a week. Now, I know that I can #close with just about any girl 8 or below, and some girls 9 or 10. And most of the time, I don't even care to get a number, because I want to *close or fclose that day. So, now I'm coming home with a pocketful of numbers (one or two of which I'll actually call), and feeling frustrated or like I failed. I'm more impatient now if I don't get instant physical results with these new methods. Does anyone else have this problem of needing to manage their expectations?

Slickeddiez: Sounds like your goals have changed but not your methods- ie now you WANT the Fclose/*close but you are still GOING for the #close. Change your methods... don't even bother going for the #close anymore. ONLY go directly for the Fclose/*close. Your success rate will go WAY down at first, but it is the best way to adapt yourself to a new goalset and the methods required to achieve those goals. nothing like learning by doing.

Anyway, we met two bisexual girls in the street who were just wandering around killing time. To be honest, they weren't that hot, but they were definitely ready to go and had good sexual energy. They both lived in the area (we didn't). We did some SS'ing, and that got them aroused, and had a bit of sex talk. But, when we left, I felt like we had failed, because a true PUA would have brought them somewhere private for a little fun once he saw all the IOIs. So, the question is, if you meet a couple girls in the street during the day, and you can tell they are up for a little adventure, what is your strategy for getting them back to their homes (or a hotel or somewhere)? Obviously, you can't be too blatant: it must be done smoothly and naturally, so that the mood doesn't break and they don't feel either scared or slutty or manipulated or whatever. Any suggestions?

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