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Characteristics of a Wing

Style: Is it better to sarge with a Wing who is better looking or worse looking than yourself? The dilemma is that the better looking wing attracts more female attention to your group but the worse-looking wing makes you the prize catch of the group. (I'm asking this question cause I sometimes wing with a guy who is model material, and we talk to tons of HBs, but I tend not to do as well because they mainly have eyes for him--even though he has almost no PU style.)

DJ: Never mind about the looks. If you are worried, then you IMO you maybe shouldn't even have a wing. Wings are not COMPETITION. They are your brothers in sarging. Dude, a wing is someone that is looking out for you - not always into what 'he' wants, but rather a goal what you can both work towards. Sometimes wings have to do the charity work, but in return you do it for him sometimes and take the less attractive girl. I found with after a while working with my wing, we ended up on the same wavelength.

Anton: I think that the answer depends on your wingman's skills. In my experience, the best skills makes the best wing.Model Man with no game will continually draw girls to the group, but the only ones that will hang out (to be closed) will be the ones that want to fuck him despite his lack of abilities. He's not doing his part to charm anyone, nor is he helping spread the wealth ala Mr. Smooth. Most critically, he's not saying, "OK, let's ALL go back to my place for a nightcap" such that you can poach one of the other hoochies. On the other hand, he can be good for social proof purposes. Approach target girls solo, and afterward you can be return to Model Man and his orbit of HB's to share a laugh or two. You also don't want to be seen as the "head of the nerd herd". Really outgoing guys make great wings. Wallflowers are a burden because they add no value to the PU and you need to devote some of your time and energy to keeping them in the game. Sometimes, beggars can't be choosers and you are forced to go out with whomever is available. In that case, teach Model Man a few basic tricks and show Wallflower Boy how to tell a joke or two.

Style: Good answers, Anton and DJ. And, yes, the problem with model man I think is that he makes himself competition. So, the problem I realize now isn't the attractiveness of the wing, its the willingness of the wing to work as part of a team!

Tunnces: I feed women to my wing and he feeds them to me. All the girls we meet: We call them on the days we aren't fucking them and we talk to each other's girls' friends. We set up get-togethers a few days later. My wing gets to PU all my chicks' friends and I PU his girl's friends. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics